Agency Sales System Workshop - pillar 3 

Pillar/Day Three - Sales Deals/Pipeline Management System

to close larger contracts it will require the personal touch, of which is also where the majority of leads fall through the cracks. our deals/opportunity pipeline management organizes the entire follow up process into a simple 8 step follow up pipeline

Sales Deals/Pipeline Management System - Successful agencies understand the importance of NEVER letting a hot prospect fall through the cracks.

  • That is why we coach you on our Deals/Opportunity Management System, this system automatically sets up new deals and gives you a visual reminder of who to call and when to call them.
  • It could not be an easier to manage even the longest pipeline with this drag n drop or Dropdown deals management system.
  • show you how to setup pipeline automation for more advanced automated features to save you even more time. 
  • Lead scoring options available now are useful and valuable in determining who is hot and who is not.