Agency Sales System Workshop - Pillar 4 

Pillar/Day Four - Real Time KPI Dashboard Setup 

So many agency owners truly have no idea what is working and what is not working for their agency. It is time for that to stop. Finally, smaller agencies can compete with the big boys and have real-time KPI'S! It is a game changer when you gain real transparency into exactly how your agencies sales and marketing efforts are performing. Today, we are going to setup a real-time dashboard so you can see what sells are coming in, where are they coming from, you can check the money and actually see what marketing is actually working. Another way to save you time and money!

KPI Dashboard Setup - Finally Gain Real Transparency into Exactly How Your Agencies Marketing & Sales Efforts are Performing. 

  • Know what works, what does not work and what to tweak to make it work better
  • KPI’s are a game-changer for your agency and you will never find another KPI dashboard this simple and informative at the same time. 
  • Know what lead sources are leading to the best clients, what clients are generating the highest profit margins and that is just the tip of the iceberg, once it is running you can configure it in thousands of different tell-all dashboards. 
  • After we get all of the above systems in place, we will configure your custom KPI dashboard. It will have residual income, project income, lead source data and the ability to know what is working and what is not working.