Welcome to the fight. Now you too can target Facebook Audiences Overnight like the big dogs!

Who Needs Big Data?


You need Big Data if you want to knock out your competition. If you want your Niche to know who you are and what you do without blowing your marketing budget. 

 No more waiting 3, 6 or even 12 months to target your clients or your competitors clients. Big Data is finally available to small agencies! 

What is Big Data?


Ok, most of you have heard about Geo-Fencing and location-based marketing. Just in case you have not heard of either, Geo-Fencing allows you to target any physical location you want to target and build a custom audience of your competitors’ clients, conference attendees, concerts, sporting events and so on… Location-based data is a little different, it allows you to do a lot more than simply drawing a square around a building and waiting for the audience to build. It is expensive to build those custom audiences and who wants to wait for months or even years to optimize a target audience for your clients. That is where location-based data comes into play, we have all been asked if we would like to share our location after installing an app like The Weather Channel, Waze, Dominoes, Movie Theaters, etc.. Well when they ask you if they can track you they are not kidding around, they are literally tracking you at all times (depending on which option you select). This data is 100% anonymous and there is no personal data gathered at all, instead, they assign every smartphone a unique identifier that ad networks are beginning to accept. This data is so valuable and all of the Fortune 500 companies are using it, but have you seen it anywhere? Why do the big boys get to play with all the cool new toys first?? This data is literally the unfair competitive advantage your agency needs to CRUSH IT for your clients.

What are the Benefits and Cost? 


The benefits are immeasurable because once you have the Big Data - you can use it over and over again! This data is Niche specific and targets your specific audience!

What is the Cost?


$75 per location and per timeframe (timeframes allowed up to 90 days at a time, for... 

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