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"So I'm reinforcing my brand, and I'm creating raving fans that I wasn't creating before because frankly, I allowed myself to fall to the wayside.... He's a good ol' boy, who helps you get good ol' results!" Ted Miller III, CEO/Founder TrainingMastery3


  • Hire employees who you can groom to be future leaders of your agency
  • Construct a team to whom you can delegate responsibilities with confidence.
  • Increase your profit margins with a staff who is reliable and ambitious
  • Get people who will stick around for the long haul and work hard for your agency.
  • Spend less time training with low turnover and as a result, break through your glass ceiling FASTER
  • Lifetime access to all videos, tools, and resources, including…
  • 7 (and counting!) different types of tools and resources
  • your own Agency Colors Personality Assessment,
  • a customizable Job Description and Offer Letter for your plug-and-play use,
  • an Agency Skill Set Assessment template,
  • 100 interview questions and an interview rubric,
  • and a Social Media Screening Worksheet just to name a few.


It is no secret that finding qualified and good employees to fill positions is no easy task, soI am going to share the seven step process that I’ve developed from years of experience with hiring and firing. This process helps eliminate the bad candidates and allows you to focus on the potential employees that show promise. High employee turnover will prevent any agency from reaching the explosive growth that everyone is striving for, while cutting your prices in half!

A few things you'll learn...

First, craft the perfect job description. It must be both enticing and accurate to effectively find the right candidates. After that, assemble your hiring team. You want people with different personalities, demographics, and levels of management.

Talent scouting happens over many platforms. We start with where to look on the Internet for the right candidates (CareerBuilder, Monster, Glassdoor, and Indeed mostly). We also cover other “guerrilla” tactics for finding candidates (universities, personal connections, etc).

You can find out a lot about someone by looking at their social media. Doing this sooner rather than later will help you find the people who care about their image to employers, and you’ll figure out who is and who is not worth your time before you waste your time on people who are not serious about the position.

This is not when you spend 45 minutes to an hour asking about work history and aspirations. Make sure they can hold a conversation, and can answer a few simple questions. Call them out of the blue, don’t allow them to prepare.

Next, send a personality assessment. See how quickly they can respond to an assignment. It’s important that your staff is made up of a lot of different types of personalities so you can have both the creative dreamers and the detail-oriented organizers.

We have two portions to the face to face experience. Be sure to choose questions that align with the position they are applying for and your agency’s vision statement. Steer clear of cheesy, cliché questions.

Make the winner an offer and let them know you will be sending over a formal offer letter. At first, everyone is on a 90-day “trial run.” Why? 1. To see if they fit into the culture, 2. To see if they are as good in practice as they are on paper, and 3. To give them a motivating factor and a target to aim for as they move forward.

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