Marketing Champions with Lee Goff from Your Marketing Agency Coach


Each week on “Marketing Champions,” our host sits down with experts within the community to discuss all things advertising and marketing. This week, Mike White spoke with Lee Goff from Your Marketing Agency Coach.

The biggest change in marketing that I see coming in the next 5 years is?

There is a digital gold rush is on the horizon and agencies need to prepare now so they can position their agencies for maximum growth potential.

What makes your company unique?

My past experience gives me a unique perspective on how to scale, grow, and possibly sell your marketing agency. Our real-world courses, programs, tools, tactics, and support groups are built with the aspiring agency owner in mind. Our programs shave years off of their agency’s success journey.

Tell us about a recent success story:

Brennen went from 180,000 to almost 800,000 in 18 months! Life-changing transformation!

What is one tip you would provide someone asking for your marketing advice?

Pick a specific direction for your agency and productize ASAP. The future of our industry is in productization and the sooner you can adopt a productization pricing model for your niched out agency, the sooner you will break through the 7/8 figure mark.

What is Your Marketing Agency Coach?

We have an entire agency success journey that we have mapped out for different agencies at different growth phases whether it be the freelancer just kind of getting started, successful freelance, small agency all the way up to the $10 million small to medium agency. We have built out our product line, our tools, and our service offerings to satisfy all agencies or freelancers as they achieve their version of the entrepreneurial dream.

Tell us about your book Agency Success Roadmap.

My book is intended to be a very simple out-of-the-gate guide for anyone wanting to start and scale an agency. It is a very simple roadmap. You get started with your niche, your products, prospect engagement, and it walks you through the 12 different systems and steps you will need to be successful. I wrote it with the intent to not be super dominant and super overwhelming, easy as one-two-three kinds of steps to get you going. It has it’s been unbelievably well received.

When someone is looking to engage or hire a marketing coach what are some of the things that they should know when looking for someone to help their business?

At the top of the list is to make sure that they have done what you want to achieve. Do your homework and make sure you see a proven success record over time that has done what you want to do. Then look into their personality. I have a very aggressive personality, I don’t like losing. I don’t like it at all. However, some people don’t want to be as aggressive. Find someone that’s a little more conducive to your personality type, that actually has a lot to do with it. Number three, I would put up there right at the top of the list, tools, and accountabilities.


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