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Lee Goff
CEO/Founder at Lee Goff, Inc – Your Marketing Agency Coach
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What is your demographic?

Anyone getting started with the entrepreneurial dream that wants to focus into marketing specifically the arena all the way up to the $10 million mark, those are our ideal target audience. Obviously, in that target audience, there are different phases of growth and different pain points that you have as you’re growing. That growing process is defined by us in four different phases; First phase freelancer, second phase successful freelancer, third phase small agency, and fourth phase, small to medium agency. These are all defined on my web site.

What is the 10 Step Process course?

The very first thing you need to do is determine your niche, which way are you going to be selling. This is critical because a lot of times if you’re a jack of all trades agency you will do one project then you’ll go right back to zero, start another project and repeat that cycle. It is a very dangerous cycle to get caught up in. Then there is productization. At the end of the day, if you really want to scale your business, you have to build it once and sell it a thousand times. It’s one of the oldest things in business and it holds true. Now the reason our industry did not dive off into product recession right out of the gate like most industries did is because we had a major dust settling phase. Now we can establish a natural product line, build it once, and sell it a thousand times. This allows you to have value-based pricing and it allows you to run between a 40 to 60 percent profit margin instead of a 12 to 32 in a custom shop. This then leads to course 3, Proposal Delivery, and continue down the line with classes like Agency Leadership and Traffic Generation Core.


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