Marketing for Your Future with Lee Goff from Lee Goff, Inc.

Lee Goff
CEO/Founder at Lee Goff, Inc – Your Marketing Agency Coach
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What is Your Marketing Agency Coach?

We have an entire agency success journey that we have mapped out for different agencies at different growth phases whether it be the freelancer just kind of getting started, successful freelance, small agency all the way up to the $10 million small to medium agency. We have built out our product line, our tools, and our service offerings to satisfy all agencies or freelancers as they achieve their version of the entrepreneurial dream.

Why would a freelancer hire you and what services do you provide them?

Well, a lot of times you just need a quick sounding board. There are some really basic questions that you need to get in place. For example, content syndication process, your sale systems, and usually, if you’re a freelancer, you’re going to get started with my book or maybe an individual course. It’s really all about kind of getting your “sea legs” or getting confidence in your business skills. We focus on helping you transition out of being the technician, which is pretty typical for a freelancer type role, and we evolve into a more leadership entrepreneur role.


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