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That Company works with agencies to take the mundane everyday jobs off your plate so you can focus on COI (Center of Influence). Focus on Why you started your agency in the first place. That Company is a white label, SEO pay per click and social media marketing provider. Their saying is “We Do That’ Because they literally do it all! Learn Why and How?

In today’s episode, I am talking with Michael Knorr with That Company - A White label SEO, PPC, and Social Media services for 450+ agencies worldwide helping numerous agencies sell big name clients, scale their agencies, and ultimately provide a world class experience to their customers. Their saying is “We Do That’ Because they literally do it all!

Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Elevate owners/partners from project manager role and into the CEO role.
  • Three most important things every agency owner must work on
  • Agency owner needs to start elevating every activity
  • Top Four Services That Company Can Help Agencies
  • COI Marketing (Centers of Influence) and how it is a must have

That Company joins partners on the front lines and helps with sales, support and closing deals by handling all the interactions such as ... the customer phone calls, the emails etc...They take the mundane everyday jobs off your plate so you can focus on what you are good at … running a business and being creative. Michael explains how his job is to come in and make your job easier and trust me they have mastered it.

elevate Owners/Partners From Project Manager Role And Into The CEO Role.

In the beginning, it is about the smooth set-up and following the onboarding process. That Company has set it up on a tee for you because right out of the gate they are there as your complete sales support. Their goal is to elevate you from the project manager role (that so many agency owners get stuck in) and take you to the CEO role. Building relationships with potential clients is vital. That Company comes in with a strategy in place to build relationships so you do not have to worry. That is what Michael focuses on in this podcast!

Three most important things every agency owner must work on

First, every agency owner needs to start elevating every activity that they work on. Start asking yourself with every activity “Hey, is this worth my energy, my personal time? What is the value of that particular activity that they're working on? And what is the value that they have?” Elevate means anytime that comes across your desk. It's always wise not just to dive in and do it, but think about it and think “How can I make this better?” 

And most importantly, “How can I do it this one time, so I can hand it to somebody else next time”. That way, you do not have to continue that particular job. Question everything and look for the stuff that's going to elevate you and your agency.  What I love about That Company is they are so good at helping you through the way you operate. They see how you operate, how you think and the system process and take it up a notch. Taking all the things that bog you down and taking them off your plate. Brilliant! Michael has a way of explaining, giving great tips and encouraging you with ways to elevate yourself and your agency.

Second is COI marketing (Centers Of Influence). Finding and building relationships with high income producers. If you're not in charge of this or that's not your superpower, Then find someone who is and does. Hear our different takes and who we spend time with. I have three different levels of contacts and I break those down more clearly so you can come up with your own levels. Michaels talks about his circle of influence marketing. If you get out there and negotiate these types of “Referral Partner” or “Center of Influence "relationships, you can really move the needle on your agency, and in a dramatic fashion! Not only consistently but also long term.

Top ways to find your COI?

What I recommend first, find your niche? Michael and I both preach picking a niche. It is going to help you differentiate from the very beginning and reduce your competitors. Find out who else services that market and in a non-competing fashion, and then build a relationship with them. Simply reach out, have a conversation and see if the relationship is a win-win. Michael and I give some specific examples of how this could work.

Have a list or spreadsheet of all your associations, publications, coaches, consultants, events, promoters, vendors, suppliers, and so on. Anyone you could potentially work with that will be targeting the same audience and set up a meeting or phone call to see if they would be interested in partnering with you on podcasts, blogs or you name it. You get the idea. 

COI is a huge deal. It is common sense to do this type of marketing - not always the easiest or the sexiest route - but it works. It is the most effective and efficient way to keep money coming in the door. 

You have to hear one of the success stories that is going on right now. It will give you the boost you need and get those creative juices flowing.

Three is Rest. We hear the words hustle all the time in this business, I want to take a step back from that compared to everybody else and give you the word rest. No one else preaches rest. And yet  rest is essential. If you are working non-stop, you're killing your creative abilities. Our minds do their best creative work, when they're not at work. When they're not doing an activity. If you're always doing an activity, you're not giving your brain that reprieve to let it all flow and go. Find time to decompress. 

BONUS: Along with taking the mundane off you desk That Company Can Also Help Agencies With:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Pay Per Click Management - Google Ads
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Subcomponent of SEO - helping you overcome something negative

Shameless Plug - Seriously, They do it all!! 

If you're so focused on the procedural day-to-day and being the taskmaster, you're not negotiating or elevating into what you should be doing - The Leadership Position. This is very hard to do when you're trying to dig that hole yourself. 

Give the shovel to Michael and his staff and let them dig that hole for you.

Michael loves walking alongside agency owners. He talks about his huge passion for agency owners and how they take things off your plate such as the low income-producing responsibilities that bog you down. That Company elevates its partners. So you can focus on building your brands and on building more COI. Start nourishing and nurturing higher-level COI that bring in bigger clients.

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