We all know that not every proposal is created equally. In this course, I cover all of the steps required to create a streamlined proposal and delivery system that will double or even triple your close percentages. I give you proven ways to land big projects and eliminate 90% of the competition. Learn the WHO, WHAT, AND WHY of this course below.

Who Needs a Proposal System?

The proposal is the beginning to a happy client relationship. It can be the deal maker or breaker. You need a proposal delivery system If:

  • ​An agency looking for a streamlined and customizable system.
  • An Agency That Wants Their Clients/Prospects to be Amazed by the Value Clearly Laid Out in Their Proposal. 
  • Owners that want to convert high-value clients. I closed the country of Fiji, Infusionsoft, and countless other huge deals with this template!
  • Agencies Looking For Clients That Bring Recurring Revenues and Build the Agency's Brand Positioning Elements. 
  • ​​Wanting to Take Time, Money, and Motivation to Invest in the Future of Your Business and Life.

What are the Benefits?

By completing this Proposal Delivery System course you will be able to bring in more sales in BY:

  • Associating your services with real revenues for your clients.
  • Drafting the customized proposal template, which is laid out in the course.
  • ​Understanding how to customize a template built on the psychology of sales to close all levels of clients
  • ​Learning how to write and deliver your proposals in 30-60 minutes. Most agencies can create their proposals in 20-30 minutes or less using my template.
  • Helping you to close double or triple the proposals your deliver

Why so Important?

Having the talent and drive to take care of your clients is not enough. You have to prove it and the perfect proposal can achieve that goal. This system WILL:

  • Give you a proven proposal delivery system that generates raving fans, clients, and sales.
  • ​Offer Customized Proposals That Demonstrate Value to Prospective Clients in Simple Terms That Increase Close Percentages. 
  • ​Provide a strong and detailed proposal that will WOW potential clients. 
  • ​Make sure you have effective proposals so you can keep profits as high as possible.

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