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Digital Marketing Agency Traffic Generation Course


$97.00 $48.50

In our Traffic Generation course, we explain the P.O.P. framework (pay now traffic, ongoing effort traffic, and pay later traffic), Guerrilla marketing warfare, the Top 30 traffic generation sources, the KPIs you need to evaluate those sources, and to wrap up, we will warn you of some common mistakes agencies make as it pertains to Traffic Generation.

Armed with all of this knowledge, you’ll be ready to create a traffic generation strategy for your agency and become a traffic generation master! Regardless of how you get traffic, all traffic generation follows our P.O.P. framework. 


$127.00 $63.50

In this course, I demonstrate how to get automated systems in place to get the manual labor out of followup. It's important to accompany your automation with a personal human touch, so taking away that element is a certain mistake. 

I know how to get the perfect hybrid of human interaction and automated technology to the point where your prospects feel like your message is tailored exactly to them, but you don't have to do as much heavy lifting on your own. Click below to learn more.

Digital Agency Sales and Marketing Automation Course

Digital Marketing Agency Proposal .doc


$117.00 $58.50

In this course, I’ve provided a proposal template that you can use for your own agency that has been proven to win 6-figure deals with top-notch clients. I’ve personally used and perfected this proposal template for over a decade and found exactly what makes our prospects see us as the only obvious choice in a stack of proposals.

It's hard to find the balance between wasting tons of time constructing a proposal from scratch every time and spending too little time creating a generic, weak proposal that won't convert. Having someone with over 15 years of experience in your shoes could be an asset - someone who intimately knows the inside of your target audience's mind.

Lead harvesting

$97.00 $48.50

Lead Harvesting, as Jay Conrad Levinson (The father of Guerrilla Marketing) has a simple formula: only 4% of your target audience is in the "buy" phase of the sales process. Another 4% is in the research phase, and the remaining 92% is not in the sales process at all, and won't be any time soon. 

You must understand that the key to success is harvesting the 4% in the research phase, and the 92% that is not in the process at all yet. Why? Imprinting your brand on THIS audience from an early point will guarantee that you're the first person on their mind when they are in the market.

Get More Leads for Your Digital Agency
Digital Marketing Agency Project Management Course

PROject management perfect lifecycle

$147.00 $73.50

Managing a digital project creates a unique set of problems that offline projects do not encounter. For example, expectation levels are extremely difficult to define. For one, the client cannot physically hold or walk through the product with you. And what’s worse, for people who aren’t familiar with the virtual world, they perceive everything digital to be "easy," so they ask for outrageous things that would never be asked for in the physical project management world.

You must have a strict project management process that ensures proper sign offs from the client, strict guidelines for the project managers to follow, and knowing when to escalate to management or present change orders if something happens outside of those guidelines. Click below to learn more.


$97.00 $48.50

Pricing can be a very complex topic; it literally has hundreds of moving parts. Over the past 15 years of being an agency owner or coaching other agency owners, I have figured out that it boils down to 3 simple concepts. I call them The 3 Ms of Pricing. This formula is simple to understand, and if followed will allow you to increase your pricing by at least 10-20% in the next 90 days, and eventually allow you to double and maybe even triple your prices.

All three of these items play a critical role in how much and how often you can charge for your services. The value you provide based upon client reporting and project management processes all play a big role. There are literally hundreds of variables that play a role in pricing. Fortunately for you, you already possess a lot of them, but you just didn’t know you could leverage them – until today. Click below to learn more.

How to Raise Your Digital Agency's Prices
Increase Your Digital Agencies Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning Vortex

$77.00 $38.50

Brand positioning is what separates you from your competitors, builds value in your brand, and makes you the only choice for your target audience. It is very important to have a strategy and a plan of attack. Thus, the "Brand Positioning Vortex" was born. In the beginning, a vortex doesn’t have much pull, but as it grows, it grabs everything close to it and does not let go until it reaches the center.

Obviously everyone wants their prospects to perceive their brand as the only choice, but exactly how do you get your agency to that level? Well, in this course we are going to give you the exact items you need to get in place, help you create a brand positioning statement and give you our brand vortex worksheet. When you are done with this course, you will have a clearly defined brand position statement, know exactly what items you need to get in place and have a plan of attack to get it all done. Click below to learn more.


$77.00 $38.50 

It is no secret that finding qualified and good employees to fill positions is no easy task, so I am going to share the seven step process that I’ve developed from years of experience with hiring and firing. This process helps eliminate the bad candidates and allows you to focus on the potential employees that show promise.

High employee turnover will prevent any agency from reaching the explosive growth that everyone is striving for, while cutting your prices in half! Hiring is such an important undertaking and choosing the right talent the first time is vital because it allows you to groom future leaders, delegate responsibilities with confidence, increase profit margins, and help you break through your glass ceiling and propel your agency toward explosive growth.

Digital Marketing Agency Hiring Course
Digital Marketing Agency Key Performance Indicators


$97.00 $48.50

Performance Indicators are quantifiable measurements used to evaluate a company’s success over time. These are values such as inventory turnover, COGS (cost of goods sold), revenue growth rate, cash flow forecast, relative market share, etc. Every industry and every stage of business needs to use different performance metrics to accurately gauge its success. So, how do you determine which ones to spend time on and where do you even start?

I developed the agency performance indicators course to tell you everything you need to know when it comes to measuring your agency’s growth and success. We’ve narrowed it down to three easy categories that work specifically for digital marketing agencies. This way you won't have to waste your precious time guessing.


$117.00 $58.50

Running an agency presents its own unique challenges when it comes to leadership. How do you provide the structure for your talented and highly educated employees while giving them the freedom to remain agile enough to create cutting edge solutions? The old school, or “ivory tower” leadership structure is rigid and 100% driven by numbers alone, which removes the creative expression required to run a successful agency in today’s millennial driven work force.

Then you have the “free for all” leadership philosophy that allows entirely too much creative expression, which makes the overall productivity of your agency drastically low because no one is held accountable to numbers. This makes scalability and growth become an insurmountable hurdle that most agencies never overcome. So, how do you overcome challenges like these to build an agency that is driven by numbers that are scalable, and growth oriented, all while remaining agile and flexible enough for your employees and vendors to dream up cutting edge, world class solutions? Click below to learn how.

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