INTERNAL LANDING PAGE ONLY - Prospect Does Not Qualify for Digital Acquisitions YET. 

Warm Hand Off Script - Read to Prospect:

Ok, after reviewing your application, it does not look like we are a match at this time, but could be in the near future. We have partnered with a business coach that focuses specifically on digital agencies and preparing them for our transactional process. His program is great for providing you with the tools required to get top dollar for your agency. Lee Goff has written a book that helps you grow your agency and just for going through our application process, we would like to give you a free copy of his book and a 30 minute coaching session, would that be ok? 

If they say "Yes" - Please complete the form below and let the agency owner know they will receive an email from "Lee Goff" sending them a download link for a digital copy of his book. Attempt to schedule them while on the phone if possible, if not Lora will take care of it. 

Ask them to download their copy of the book and if they get time, to check out the Agency Health & Wellness Exam located in the P.S. section of the email. 

If they say "No" - Let them know we have a free Facebook group dedicated to supporting digital agencies grow, scale and sell digital agencies. Offer to send them the link.

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