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Welcome to the Proposal Template course of the  Agency Success Roadmap Coaching Program. Here you will learn how to help your agency close more deals and win bigger projects. Our proposal template is proven to be successful. It has been used, updated, and perfected for over 14 years of Digital Marketing Agency experience. Throughout the modules, we will break down each section and give you your own version to edit and customize for your agency.

  • To get started, first download your Proposal Template by clicking the green button below. Then, scroll down the page and watch each video with your workbook open, pausing in between to complete your homework before you move on to the next video.



A good proposal can put you on the fast track to success. A bad proposal can leave you struggling to keep the lights on. But what separates the good from the bad? What helps your success and what hinders it? There are a lot of pieces that go into a perfect proposal but In this blog article, I will show you what they all have in common.


By this point, you’ve probably dipped your toes in the water and started to enter the proposal process (in which case you’re lucky you found this) or you’re elbow deep in proposals that keep leading you down dead-end roads. Either way, rejoice! Because you’re here now. In this blog article, you will learn to shave time off of the proposal process, build value in your prospects eyes, and get paid the big bucks, you need a proven template. The 12 sections below cover the winning template that was used and refined for over 15 years.

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