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Since founding GetUWired in 2003 in Lee’s upstairs bedroom, GetUWired has helped thousands of business owners around the world break through the glass ceiling and live the lives they deserve — making more money with less work and having more time for all the things they love. Lee is living proof that his formula works.

At GetUWired, Lee and his leadership team won the following Awards: 2012 Technology Partner of the Year, 2013 Infusionsoft Innovator of the Year, Top Company Culture – Entrepreneur Magazine in 2015, and Infusionsoft Elite Business of the Year Finalist in 2015. Some of GetUWired’s top clients also were the Ultimate Marketer of the Year Winners in 2012 and a finalist in 2014.

Lee Goff, CEO/Founder

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Proposal Template

It’s incredibly frustrating to start on (what’s supposed to be) a small project that eventually morphs into a huge web of confusion and miscommunication between departments and the client. Once confusion and miscommunication build, scope creep sets in and starts eating your profit alive. My proven 6-Figure Proposal Template solves all of those issues and more…..and it took me over a decade to perfect.

9 Steps to a Multi-Million
Dollar Agency

Our proven 9 step process to building a Multi-Million Dollar Agency, our guidebook outlines the 9 systems an agency needs to break through your next biggest milestone.

Knowing is half the battle! We break all 9 steps down into easy to understand systems that are a breeze to get in place, once you know what they are that is….

Agency Leadership
Micro Course

How do you build an agency that is agile, creative, and productive? The days of ivory tower leadership are dead. Learn the 5 components of agile agency leadership in our micro course.

Our Agency Leadership Micro Course will show you how to shake up the old ideas of past leadership, and implement a system that is proven to create an award winning agency culture.

Key Performance Indicators

Study Guide

There’s an old saying in marketing: “If you didn’t track it, it didn’t happen.” When it comes to your agency’s success, understanding both the failures and successes are equally important. You have to know where you’ve been before you can understand where you are going.

Our Agency Performance Metrics Workbook will help you gain focus, clarity, and a fulcrum point for your agency to use as a launching pad for explosive growth.


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