Marketing Agency Sales System Workshop

When You First Started Your Agency, You Were Excited, You Had A Passion To Succeed And More Than Likely You Lived Off Friends And Family Referrals To Bring In The Leads. You Still Have That Passion And Now You Are Wanting To Grow Which Means Needing More Leads And More Sales. It Also Means More Time. Running An Agency Takes Time And Energy But There Are Ways To Be More Effective And Efficient While Bringing In New Leads. In My Marketing Agency Sales System Workshop I Will Show You How.

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During This four day Workshop, We Are Going To Go Over Each Aspect Of My Agency Sales System. The System That Is Guaranteed To Close More Of Your Leads! This System That Is Built To Streamline Your Sales And Marketing For You Or An Entire Team and i am going to explain how. 

In This Workshop, I will lay out everything that you will be getting and what you can expect. over four days, i will be will be breaking down each of the Four Pillars Of the System. We Will Be Going Over One Pillar A Day.

I Am Excited To Dive Into The Four Pillars And Explain How Each One Will Help You Experience Explosive Growth And Have Transparency Into Your Sales And Marketing.

Here Are The Basics Of The Workshop And How It Will Be Laid Out

  • Flexible Scheduling - We Have Numerous Options Available And Will Work With You To Get You In The Workshop That Best Meets Your Scheduling Needs.
  • Each Workshop Is Kept Small And Are Held Via Zoom - No More Than 5 Agencies Allowed In Each Workshop.
  • We Will Be Meeting 2 Hours A Day - Each Day - For Four Days.
  • You Will Have Required Homework Assignments Each Day - The First 30 Minutes Of The Session Will Be For Homework Accountability And Accuracy Review. We Are Here To Get Results And We Will Do That As A Team - Everyone Doing Their Part To Succeed.
  • We Record Every Session And Provide It To You Within 3 Hours Of The Workshop Ending. 
  • We Provide You With Dozens Of Templates, Pre-Written Email Copy, Step By Step Worksheets.

This workshop is designed for the Serious agency owner who wants to go to the next level. the agency owner who wants to maximize their time and money by putting a sales system in place that is guaranteed to bring in more leads, more sales and give them actual tracking of leads and sales. all of this while giving them more time to do what they love.I have spent over 17 years perfecting my agency sales system and I guarantee it works. if you are willing to spend the time up front and take this workshop seriously, you will see amazing results. Now let's get into the four pillars.

Pillar/Day One - Lets Tackle Lead Magnet Creation 

Having the right lead magnet is vital to getting leads. There are a lot of ways to create lead magnets but the most successful ones are based on you potential clients pain points.So, today we are going learn the most effective way to create a lead magnet. Below you will find templates to choose from, my lead magnet creation worksheets and all the resources you will need to create the perfect lead magnet. I am going to show you exactly how to create and diversify your lead magnets. Our goal being to create the lead magnets around the pain points of your target audience.Lets get started!

We Create Your Very Own Lead Magnets and I Show You 7 Different Tools We Use to Create and Deploy Lead Magnets FAST.!.!.!. 

  • We have thousands of templates you can select from, we will walk you through the process of how to create a world-class lead magnet. 
  • Help you write the copy with our amazing Lead Magnet Checklist Creation Document. 
  • lead magnet worksheet - this worksheet walks you through the process of creating world class lead magnets 
  • You get full access to our Lead Harvesting Course, of which explains my 4%-4%-92% lead harvesting formula that successful businesses understand and embrace. 
  • We base the lead magnet creation process on the top 5 pain points your target audience feels in their day to day lives. From there we isolate the value propositions and create a lead magnet you can be proud to show to your prospects.
  • These lead magnets  will be used on your website, at conferences, and as bonuses for joining groups, etc.. Once you have the tools you need, you can always leave prospects with a world-class opinion of your agency.
  • Leave you with a clear path to work on your lead magnets throughout the rest of the day

Pillar/Day Two - Lead Harvesting Automation & CTA Management System 

The automated follow up campaign that GUARANTEES no lead will fall through the cracks! We work hard for leads and we do not want any of them to fall through the cracks. Today we are going to learn how to harvest a lead and then hand it off to an automated system. We are going to set up an entire CRM! Most importantly, today we are going to learn how to vet a lead so you can determine what type of lead has come in. After you have created you lead magnets and starting to get more and more leads in the door, you do not want to waist your time (at least not in the beginning) on "Tire Kickers". We are going to go over how to tell if a lead is a hot or not lead. Once we have determined that, we jump into the sales management system (We will be learning more about that tomorrow). Let start harvesting some leads.

we Provide the Entire framework - boilerplate email copy, automation campaign templates, mindmaps, 

  • Lead Harvesting Mini Intro Campaign - This campaign harvest the prospects information, delivers the requested lead magnets, notifies sales, sets KPI data, creates a deal and kicks off a 3 part email follow up sequence. 
  • 8 Percent Vetting Campaign - This campaign’s brilliance is the simplicity of it. The campaign simply harvests and segment the prospects who are ready to talk now. Spend time with hot prospects while the automation campaigns warm up new leads every month. The longer you use the system, the more leads it will generate! 
  • Monthly Template Reminder Campaign- a monthly newsletter template and content ideas on what you can put in your monthly newsletter. There is no substitute for providing consistent content for your marketing database to consume. Regardless of who you serve, the more up-to-date and relative content you can provide the more likely they are to remember your brand when the time arises for marketing. Get Engaged, it is the currency of our times! We provide you a pre-formatted newsletter template that you can simply drop your content into. 
  • Funny national Holiday Campaign - We COMPLETELY understand being too busy to produce and syndicate a monthly newsletter (although we strongly disagree with you if you are not taking the time to do it, or at least sending regular content to your base). We provide you with over 70+ funny national holiday emails ready to go!
  • 8 campaigns Templates - We use infusionsoft for the examples we provide but this system can easily be replicated in all major cRM's. 
  • Once we have them in your CRM, we will customize the tags, write 3 custom emails per lead magnet (15 total emails) and set up the prospect vetting process that comes built into all campaigns. This simple vetting process adds an additional step into the prospect harvesting process that ensures you know who to spend your time on and who to leave in the automated sequences. 
  • The vetting process includes a vetting form and a simple quiz that captures critical data that allows you to know exactly what your prospects are interested in based upon their actions and responses. Basically, it gives you a crystal ball into
  • your target audience’s mindset and possible buy signals. Once they qualify as a hot prospect we will automatically create a deal in your Sales Deals/Pipeline Management System to ensure no hot leads are ever lost. 

Pillar/Day Two Continued - Call to Action Management System Setup

Now we are going to learn the Call to Action Management System. The System makes managing all of your call to actions with ease. It takes the pressure off you and gives you peace of mind that you know leads are not being forgotten.

Lead Harvesting Call To Action Management System - Easy to Manage Call to Action Management System that Makes Managing all of your Call to Actions Easy. 

  • The cornerstone of the Agency Sales System is that it will increase your already existing lead flow (for most of you). in Most Cases, you are getting enough people to visit your website, you simply are not providing the right content at the right time. We set up a lead harvesting Call to Action System on your website on day two and this problem becomes a thing of the past. 
  • We will set up all 5 of the lead magnets on your site and configure them in a way to get maximum exposure to your prospects. We have Ribbons, exit pop-ups, sliders, footers, and content call outs, we will sprinkle them throughout your site for maximum lead harvesting. Of course, as with all of our systems, you are more than welcome to move things around once they are set up, the system is super simple to modify to your precise preferences. 
  • The lead harvesting call to action system comes complete with a KPI dashboard that shows you which lead magnets are performing the best, daily performance, aggregate conversion percentages and so much more! Transparency into your overall sales systems performance is critical to long term success, that is why we go above and beyond to provide you with numerous different views of the same data, every perspective can shed new light on that one tip that could explode your lead flow. 
  • Smart CTA System - no one likes to be hounded by pop ups or sliders constantly when they are researching an agency. our cTA management systems allows you to control the precise timing of all lead magnets. 

Pillar/Day Three - Sales Deals/Pipeline Management System

to close larger contracts it will require the personal touch, of which is also where the majority of leads fall through the cracks. our deals/opportunity pipeline management organizes the entire follow up process into a simple 8 step follow up pipeline

Sales Deals/Pipeline Management System - Successful agencies understand the importance of NEVER letting a hot prospect fall through the cracks.

  • That is why we coach you on our Deals/Opportunity Management System, this system automatically sets up new deals and gives you a visual reminder of who to call and when to call them.
  • It could not be an easier to manage even the longest pipeline with this drag n drop or Dropdown deals management system.
  • show you how to setup pipeline automation for more advanced automated features to save you even more time. 
  • Lead scoring options available now are useful and valuable in determining who is hot and who is not.  

Pillar/Day Four - Real Time KPI Dashboard Setup 

So many agency owners truly have no idea what is working and what is not working for their agency. It is time for that to stop. Finally, smaller agencies can compete with the big boys and have real-time KPI'S! It is a game changer when you gain real transparency into exactly how your agencies sales and marketing efforts are performing. Today, we are going to setup a real-time dashboard so you can see what sells are coming in, where are they coming from, you can check the money and actually see what marketing is actually working. Another way to save you time and money!

KPI Dashboard Setup - Finally Gain Real Transparency into Exactly How Your Agencies Marketing & Sales Efforts are Performing. 

  • Know what works, what does not work and what to tweak to make it work better
  • KPI’s are a game-changer for your agency and you will never find another KPI dashboard this simple and informative at the same time. 
  • Know what lead sources are leading to the best clients, what clients are generating the highest profit margins and that is just the tip of the iceberg, once it is running you can configure it in thousands of different tell-all dashboards. 
  • After we get all of the above systems in place, we will configure your custom KPI dashboard. It will have residual income, project income, lead source data and the ability to know what is working and what is not working.