How to Raise your prices overnight Webinar

Hosted by:

Lee Goff & Paul Barnes

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Increase your market value through an increase of demand, providing clarity to your prospects about the details of your services, providing a detailed results or ROI report routinely throughout the project, and increasing perceived value.


There are three broad degrees of maturity: 1) Start Ups, 2) Awkward Growth, and 3) the Mature agency. Clearly the longer you’ve been around, and the better your reputation is, the more you can charge, but it’s possible to get to stage 3 faster. Register today and learn how!


We discuss all 6 of these types of pricing models and when they are appropriate: 1. Fixed Bid, 2. Hourly, 3. Monthly Retainer, 4. Value Based 5. ,Results Based, and 6. Packages.


Pricing Online Course (a $97 value) which comes with...

  • 4 modules of content with lecture videos
  • A workbook containing module-by-module breakdown with do-it-yourself sections
  • Templates and checklists which will help you create actionable steps to implementing what you've learned in your agency.
  • A comprehensive quiz at the very end that will test your knowledge and comprehension of the course.

Not only that, but you also receive a personal one-on-one coaching session with Lee personally (a $500 value).

ALL for only $48!

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