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In this webinar, you will learn about the 8 Step Project Management Perfect Lifecycle. To keep scope creep out of your agency for good, you have to take all measures to prevent it in each of your projects from day one. This is no easy task on your own, but with the right help from someone who has been in your shoes, and proven predefined systems and processes to guide you and your service department, you're golden. Learn more about how to create happier clients by registering below.

The Project Management Perfect Lifecycle

  • 1
    Project Calibration (meeting to set expectations)
  • 2
    Copywriting (know how many pages or ads you’re writing)
  • 3
    Design (begin the design as soon as they approve the copy)
  • 4
    Development/Campaign Creation (focus on your specific niche and look out for scope creep)
  • 5
    Beta Testing and Approval (make sure the concept is both beautiful AND functional before you show it to the client)
  • 6
    Final Testing and Punch List (get a final revisions list from the client and run final tests)
  • 7
    Client Training (hand off your work and teach the client how it functions)
  • 8
    Go Live! (release your concept to the hounds after you’ve tested everything close to a million times and gotten approval from the client)

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March 22

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12:00 pm (EST)

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Lee Goff


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