Lee Goff presents Alyson Caffrey - The Sabbatical Method: 

How To Leverage Rest And Grow Your Business

Grab the book here

Grab the book here

How rest Can save your life and your business?

Ian Taylor, who summited Everest in 2008, reports that the most common setback for Everest climbers is not giving themselves enough down time during their expeditions. Climbers need ample time to rest and prepare for the increasingly difficult sections of their climbs.

Compared to the most rigorous Everest trainees, entrepreneurs spend double the amount of time working-with almost no recovery time between big pushes. If entrepreneurs and founders want to perform at high levels for the long haul, rest isn't optional.

Simply put, rest a fundamental element you must weave intentionally into your approach. In this book, I'll help you strategically leverage rest while simultaneously improving your business operations. I call this the Sabbatical Method.

Join the dozens of founders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other leaders across America who are using my five-phase framework to acclimate to the mounting pressures of entrepreneurship as they scale their next big peaks.