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It's all about RESULTS. That's our only focus here at When we create a new course, tool, or resource, we ask ourselves: Will this get results and make the lives of agency owners easier?

Based on the responses we get from our clients and students, it looks we're accomplishing our goal!

Take a few minutes and listen to some of our testimonials from our raving fans.

"Lee built the first scalable and "real" agency in the Infusionsoft eco system. "

Clate Mask, CEO & Co-Founder


Sold over 500k of residual income in 60 days using Marketing Agency Coach systems.

Brennen Bliss, CEO/Founder


"With Lee's guidance, we've made changes that increased sales, production, overall employee happiness AND simplified my own position!"

Chris Williams, CEO/Founder
WideNet Consulting

"We walked into a sales meeting thinking we were way overpriced, but Lee has trained us to customize our proposal to the point where our client said it made it easy for him to see how the ROI was going to come back."

Chad Schmidt, CEO/Founder

Optimization Prime

"Before hiring Lee, I was a task master, now I owns my own marketing agency and I am a true marketer! Life transformation!"

Laura Kamrath, President
Zebra Marketing Solutions

"Thank you for putting together a program that finally puts real world and practical content all in one place from someone who's been there."

Paul Barnes, CEO/Founder


"So I'm reinforcing my brand, and I'm creating raving fans that I wasn't creating before because frankly, I allowed myself to fall to the wayside.... He's a good ol' boy, who helps you get good ol' results!"

Ted Miller III, CEO/Founder

“Lee really helped me understand lead harvesting… and also helped me to develop a sales funnel. In the past, it was more of a haphazard format, but he really helped me structure that so that I can close more deals… and that’s the name of the game.”

Nina Hershberger, CEO/Founder

MegaBucks Marketing

Lamar Tyler CEO/Founder
Tyler New Media

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