agency owner testimonials

It's all about RESULTS. That's our only focus here at When we create a new course, tool, or resource, we ask ourselves: Will this get results and make the lives of agency owners easier?

Based on the responses we get from our clients and students, it looks we're accomplishing our goal!

Take a few minutes and listen to some of our testimonials from our raving fans.

"Lee built the first scalable and "real" agency in the Infusionsoft eco system. "

Clate Mask, CEO & Co-Founder


"With Lee's guidance, we've made changes that increased sales, production, overall employee happiness AND simplified my own position!"

Chris Williams, CEO/Founder
WideNet Consulting

"Thank you for putting together a program that finally puts real world and practical content all in one place from someone who's been there."

Paul Barnes, CEO/Founder


"So I'm reinforcing my brand, and I'm creating raving fans that I wasn't creating before because frankly, I allowed myself to fall to the wayside.... He's a good ol' boy, who helps you get good ol' results!"

Ted Miller III, CEO/Founder

“Lee really helped me understand lead harvesting… and also helped me to develop a sales funnel. In the past, it was more of a haphazard format, but he really helped me structure that so that I can close more deals… and that’s the name of the game.”

Nina Hershberger, CEO/Founder

MegaBucks Marketing

Lamar Tyler
CEO/Founder Tyler New Media

Jim Tortorelli
CEO The Louver Shop, American Home Products

Michael King
CEO/Founder Profit Connector/LASIK Marketing Institute

Emerson Brantley
CEO/Founder Web3Direct