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Why write Agency Success Roadmap? Over and Over during my coaching sessions, my students would say,"Is this stuff written down anywhere?" or "You should write a book!" Trust me, the last thing my teachers in high school or college would have expected from me, was writing a book, but i did it. I wrote this book to provide a real-world roadmap that empowers both existing and future agency owners with a proven guidance system that allows them to achieve Growth, Profit, and Success as rapidly as possible.I chose the title, Agency Success Roadmap, because it perfectly describes a path or roadmap to a successful Agency. In 12 Chapters,I break down what is necessary to have a well organized, smooth running and profitable agency. The 12 topics range FROM, Why have a Niche, What is Productization, How do I get Leads and Generate Traffic TO Leadership, Project Management and Sales and Marketing Automation. This book has something for every area of growing you Agency. It is the perfect starting point! 

So, who is Lee Goff?

Lee is an entrepreneur who grew up in the deep south, raised in Pascagoula, Mississippi by people who taught him to work hard and do what is right. He started his first agency, GETUWired, in 2003 in his upstairs bedroom with absolutely nothing. After growing GETUWired into a Multi-million dollar agency, winning 2012 Technology Partner of the year, 2013 Infusionsoft Innovator of the Year, Top company culture - Entrepreneur Magazine in 2015, and Infusionsoft Elite Business of the Year Finalist in 2015,  and many more accomplishments, he decided to step out and retire. He took the advice of Jim Collins and the Infusionsoft leadership and began handing off leadership responsibilities, eventually leading to his retirement from the Agency in early 2014.  Then in June of 2016 sold out his remaining shares to his long time partners to pursue his passion of mentoring small businesses. Leading, Guiding, Mentoring and Encouraging other entrepreneurs down a slightly easier road than he had, is Lee’s true mission!

Lee did successfully start and sell a multi-million dollar company, but at what cost? Through the stress of starting and running this agency, Lee suffered a massive heart attack at the age of 43. Not cool -- and preventable!  Since exiting in 2016, Lee has focused all of his energy on creating and implementing guaranteed ways to make starting, scaling, running and potentially selling a successful agency easier and dramatically faster ... OH, and more enjoyable... while still being very profitable. 

By combining timeless Old School Philosophies with automation and the Cloud, Lee created the perfect combination that allowed him to work smarter by actually working less - giving him the time to take care of himself and his family -Therefore, allowing him the quality of life he and every entrepreneur needs and deserves! Lee truly believes it takes a village to have true quality of life while building a successful Agency/Businesses. It takes the right team and with Lee’s tools and resources you can build that team without losing your marriage and almost your life (as he learned the hard way).

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