When you need a little more than the Plus.  Building a 7 figure agency faster but still at a low monthly price. The premium gives you a support network that is guaranteed to answer any question that comes your way. It also give you the extra one on one coaching needed to take you to the next level even faster.

Who Needs Support Premium?

This system is designed specifically for the agency owner who needs a little direction or a little help while traveling down the road of success. It is set up to go alongside the agency owner who is serious about growing their business but also needs to stay on a budget.

Every Month you get accountability calls, online courses and tools prescribed to you as you need them, no having to look through hours of videos or scroll through pages trying to find the tool you need. I personally walk you through your very own Agency Success Journey.

What is Included?

Receive immediate access to the tools and resources needed to answer all the questions that pop up on a daily basis while growing your agency plus get one Get answers to questions every agency owner ask...such as: How to get more leads, How to prepare the perfect proposal, do I need a sales and marketing automation system, How do I manage difficult clients and so much more! Tools and Resources included:

  • ON-DEMAND WEBINAR LIBRARY - 20+ and Growing  On-Demand Webinars already in our portal and we continue to build our vast library of on-demand webinars. We record at least 2 - 4 webinars a month for our students, partners, and groups. We archive and give full access to the entire library
  • PodCast Library - Access to our Podcast library
  • FREE ONLINE COURSE EVERY MONTH - Every 30 days you will be able to pick any online course and its tools from our course library (Click here for list of courses)
  • 2 HOURS OF OFFICE TIME EACH MONTH - A set time each month for me to answer questions from people in the program. Send me your questions (up to 2 questions each month) and I will get you the answer
  • VIDEO LOOM SUPPORT - Submit up to 5 Questions a Month and get a Loom answer in either Office Hours or a personalized Loom video
  • ACCESS TO PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP WITH ONLY PAID MEMBERS - Never get pitched or receive SPAM post/DM’s. This group is your safe space, ask us anything, get advice, etc…
  • 20% OFF aLL PRODUCTS Every month you are in the program (excluding one on one coaching)

What are the Benefits and Cost?

Productivity goes up and therefore so do your sales! Having someone keeping you accountable every month and knowing someone is going to ask you the hard questions along with your ability to ask them, makes a huge difference in productivity. Having access every month to a new course along with the tools and resources increases your knowledgeable makes your day in and day out run smoother. AND ...there is no replacing One one One coaching. Actually being able to talk to someone every month who has been in your shoes is priceless and the benefits are endless. 

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