How do you take your agency to the next level, have that growing and thriving agency, without it being tethered to you? It is all about leadership. In this course, I will show you how to loosen the reins and get that agency you want a dream of having. Learn the WHO, WHAT, AND WHY of this course below.


Your agency is your life. Being the leader of that life does not mean you have to always be tethered to it. IF YOU ARE:

  • An Agency That Wants to Drive Good Culture From Effective and Engaging Leadership.
  • An Agency That Wants To Empower Their Employees To Do The Right Thing.
  • Owners Who Want Their Agency To Thrive Without Being Tethered To Them.
  • Agencies Looking To Create A Team That Moves With Efficiency, Quality, and Confidence.


Being a great leader means leading. IF YOU WANT:

  • The Ability To Identity, Develop, And Implement Your Core Beliefs And Values.
  • Willingness To Act With Integrity And Authenticity In Developing Your Mission.
  • Enthusiasm For Aligning Your Leadership And Processes With Your Team.
  • To Meet For 30 Minutes A Month And Dedicate Resources To Implement The Systems And Processes Needed To Grow.
  • To Have Nagging Questions Answered About Leads, Sales, And Project Management.


It is never too soon to be a great leader, but it can be too late. Leadership is important for the success of your agency BECAUSE:

  • All Agency Culture Is Driven By Leadership, For Good or Bad.
  • Success Is Earned, Not Given And That Applies To The Whole Team Of Any Successful Agency.
  • Great Leaders Create The Environment That Incubates Employees Doing Remarkable Work.
  • Employees Are More Productive And Add Value Based On The Quality Of Their Leadership.
  • Your Agency Depends On You And The Decisions You Make Today Are Making The Investments In The Future Of Your Business And Life.

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