The overwhelming majority of agencies are asking, "How Do I Get More Leads?". In this course, I give you a 100% guaranteed method to drive new business in the door!  We have everything you need to generate sales, now let's get out there and drive some revenue. Learn the WHO, WHAT AND WHY of this course below. 

Who Needs to Harvest Leads?

Agency owners benefit by getting out of their own way. This course is for anyone who wants to stabilize your lead harvesting efforts. If you need more leads or to diversify your leads AND ARE:

  • An Agency That Wants to Know How to Make Their Leads Explode the First Month You Implement my Lead Harvesting Framework. 
  • An Agency That Wants to Know Exactly What Lead Magnets Work and Which Don't.
  • Owners Looking to Balance Out The Peaks and Valleys of Qualified Leads on a Monthly Basis, Leads Grow Every Month You Use My Lead Harvesting Framework. 
  • Agencies Looking to Turn a Steady Stream of Leads into Conversations and Sustained Clients.
  • Agencies Looking to Build a Database Full of Leads.
  • Agencies Looking to Talk to ONLY the Hot Leads, Not The Tire Kickers.


Agency owners benefit by getting out of their own way. 


  • Always Having a Database Full of Leads.
  • Learning to Segment Leads By Pain Points for Faster Project Approvals.
  • Getting 3x's the Leads From Your Already Existing Website Traffic.
  • Increasing the Value of Your Services By Increasing the Demand makes Diversifying Your Lead Magnets is a Game Changer!


This course is important because Agency owners need to change their mindset and learn the best way to bring in leads that will turn into clients. 

  • You Are an Agency That Wants to Be in Total Control of Driving All the Qualified Leads You Need to Break Through the 7 or 8 Figure Mark in Revenue. 
  • You Are An Agency Looking to Increase Profits and Leads Without Having to Attend Tons of Conferences a Year. 
  • You are Building Your Targeted Database Now For Long Term Success and Sustainability. 
  • You Want to segment, and Vet Leads Via Their Actions Not Their Words. MFramework lets You Know Who to Meet With and Who is Not Ready to Meet.

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