Pricing Can be A Very Complex Topic; It Literally Has Hundreds Of Moving Parts. In This Course, I Break It Down Into 3 Concepts: The 3 Ms Of Pricing. This Formula Is Simple And If Followed Will Allow You To Increase Your Pricing By At Least 10-20% In 90 Days. Learn The WHO, WHAT, AND WHY Of This Course Below.


Pricing can be a double-edged sword. You need to price what you are worth but also not price yourself out of the game.  IF YOU ARE...

  • Any Agency Looking To Increase Prices.
  • Any Agency That Wants to Raise Their Market Value And Demand For Their Services.
  • Owners Looking To Expand Their Offerings Efficiently And To Drive Growth.
  • Agencies Looking To Grow Into Maturity.

WHAT are the BENEFITs?

Having the confidence to know your competition and being able to price your services is the benefit. BENEFITS INCLUDE:

  • How To Research Your Competition And Know What They Offer. 
  • Assessing And leveraging the Perceived Value Of Your Services. 
  • How To Research And Determine Your Very Best Pricing Model! 
  • Meeting For 30 Minutes A Month And Dedicating Resources To Implementing The Systems And Processes Needed To Grow. 
  • have Those Nagging Questions answered Regularly That You Could Use Some Help With Leads, Sales, Project Management, And More.

WHY so important?

Pricing is so important and can either get you the new client or not!

  • A Thriving agency rises up by having competitive and accurate pricing.
  • poor pricing models give away hard-earned profits.
  • lowering prices to make new business come in is a challenge to your agency's health.
  • Stable cash flow, from good pricing, is the life's blood of every agency.
  • pricing allows you to have the time, money and motivation to invest in the future of your business and life.

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