Productization is a key strategy in creating and running a service-based business but what is it and why should you care about it?  In this course, I will explain Productization and demonstrate the need for our “Productization Value Based Pricing Model”. Learn the WHO, WHAT, AND WHY of this course below.

Who Needs to Productize?

Productization does not involve a tangible or physical good; It is an idea, a process, a prototype, an expertise, or skill that has been developed.

You need to Productize IF YOU ARE:

  • An Agency Looking To Increase Profits Substantially.
  • An Agency That Wants To Know Exactly Where and How to Get Highly Qualified Leads. 
  • Owners Looking To Expand Their Service Offerings Or Product Offerings. 
  • Agencies Looking To Create a "Value Based" Product Line With 40-50% Profit Margins.

What are the Benefits?

Completing the Productization course


  • Deliver Overwhelming Value to Your Clients in Substantially Less Time.
  • Increase Profits by at Least 15%-25%.
  • Streamline Your Delivery by up to 30% - 50%.
  • Be Able to Build it once and Sell it a Thousand Times. 
  • Hire Lower Skilled Freelancers/Employees for Less Cost and Deliver The Same Level  of Quality. 

Why so Important? 

Productization is so important BECAUSE IT:

  • Takes a Raw Idea and Turns it Into a Standardized, Fully-Tested Product Line that can be Sold Based Upon the Value it Delivers, Not the Level of Effort Required to Deliver it.
  • Streamlines Your Agency and Increase Your Profitability While Lowering Your Stress Simultaneously.
  • Raises Your Perceived Value and Gives You a Checklist Needed to Ensure Nothing is Missed During Delivery. 
  • Gives You Results That are Absolutely Amazing and is the Game Changer for the Digital Agency Industry. ​FYI- This is the Same Productization Model Henry Ford Used to Build the Car, it is a Proven Model and our Industry is Ready to Adopt it.

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