Learn how to manage your projects in such a way that helps kill scope creep, keeps your clients happy, and makes life easier on you and your team. In this course, I will cover my 8-step project management system that is guaranteed to set the proper expectations for projects every time! Learn the WHO, WHAT, AND WHY of this course below.


Project Management is vital, as it ensures there is a proper plan for executing on strategic goals. Who needs project management:

  • Any Agency That wants to use quality project management to eliminate scope creep.
  • any agency that wants to consistently keep clients and employees happy.
  • owners looking to centralize and standardize their communications process.
  • agencies looking to create a "value Based" product line with 40-60% profit margins.
  • those who Want to  have the time, money, and motivation to invest in the future of their business and life.

WHAT are the BENEFITs?

Project Management is the key element to making sure every project runs as planned. The highly valuable benefits of this course are:

  • Identifying and laying out a plan based on the primary categories of project management.
  • picking your project management tools and Processes.
  • seeing through Immediate results in all aspects and phases of every project.
  • setting expectation levels for process and performance throughout your agency.
  • getting those nagging questions about your agency answered.


Sometimes as agency owners, we fall into a rut or into a same routine. The importance of project management is not to be in a rut but have a well oiled process. Focusing on making sure everything is done without killing ourselves in the process. THIS COURSE IS IMPORTANT IF YOU ARE:

  • Any agency looking to improve communication and processes.
  • any agency that wants to know the expected outcome of each project.
  • owners looking to scale without maximizing spend.
  • agencies who know that documented communication drives process improvement.

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