Engagement of a prospective client can be intimidating at time, but it doesn't have to be. In this course, I show you how to increase your confidence, how to "Break the Ice". You will learn the basic tools to engage prospects, determine interest level, vet on pricing, and establish rapport. Learn the WHO, WHAT AND WHY of this course below.

marketing agency prospect engagement tools

Who needs Prospect Engagement Tools & Tactics?

The more you can standardize and streamline the new client engagement process, the more clients you will close. IF YOU NEED...

  • Increasing Sales by working on the 3 primary steps to engagement: elevator pitch, sales deck, and proposal delivery system.
  • To Learn to Engage Whether it be by Phone, An Event or Video. 
  • To Have a Proven Process to Close Deals.
  • Build Confidence in Your Ability to Close More Deals, With a Proven Process and Practice Comes Confidence. 


As humans we have very basic needs that must be met before we can trust someone enough to give them our time or money. THE BENEFIT ARE...

  • Your Will Have Your Elevator Pitch & Sales Deck Ready to Go Land New Clients. 
  • A Proven Way to Build Trust More Quickly and With Better Results.
  • Having the Confidence Needed to Approach Someone or Speak to a Potential Client.
  • Being Able to Meet People Where They Are and Being Able to Read a Person and Therefore Close More Projects.
prospect engagement
creative agency prospect engagement tools


It is critical to have confidence when you are engaging potential new clients. This course gives you that confidence. IT IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE...

  • The Sooner You Have The Needed Skills to Engage Prospects Properly, The More Sales You Bring in The Door. 
  • the quicker you can Standardize and streamline the new client engagement process the more your value goes up.
  • Knowing You Have The Right Elevator Pitch and Sales Decks for Any Situation. 
  • Everyday You Lose a Sale Because of Your Lack of Prospect Engagement is Costing You Money.

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