Sales & Marketing Automation

Learn the exact steps needed to take your sales to the next level and eliminate follow up failure! In this Sales and Marketing Automation course you learn how to scale your agency by driving leads, then harvesting and converting them into happy paying clients. This is all done with automation independently of the agency owner. After you have harvested more leads from traffic, you put them into a campaign that delivers the lead magnet and sets up all of the metrics, sales pipeline stages, and schedules a follow up task. Learn the WHO, WHAT, AND WHY of this course below.


Studies show for brand penetration 90% of all interactions with prospects should be automated! This may be hard to believe, but it is true. You needs sales and marketing automation IF YOU ARE:

  • An agency that wants to build out a comprehensive sales process.
  • Agencies wanting to scale.
  • an owner looking to leverage systems that work smarter not just harder.
  • an agency looking for consistent revenues month after month.
  • Willing to invest the time, money, and motivation to invest in the future of your business and life.

WHAT are the Benefits?

Your business will hit a plateau if you do not transition to an automated or systemized business. The Benefits SUCH AS:

  • being able to identify the differences between bringing in the sales and delivering the services.
  • having complete lead harvesting and traffic generation by Developing client nurturing.
  • pushing your brand awareness to its full potential!
  • meeting for 30 minutes a month and dedicating resources to implementing the systems and Processes needed to grow.
  • having those nagging Questions answered regularly that you could use some help with leads, sales and project management.


Sales and Marketing Automation is so important because 90% of all interactions with prospects should be automated. It helps you work smarter and not hard for brand penetration. If you want to take your agencies sales to the next level then you NEED TO KNOW:

  • automated systems are the brass ring of truly profitable and successful agencies.
  • systematized sales pipelines are the top of digital agency competitiveness.
  • Consistent client satisfaction that drives more sales Originated in automated marketing
  • further automation allows for metrics for more precise Successes. in the future.

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