Knowing that your target audience only has so much money to spend on digital marketing, it is your job and mission to go after each and every one of those marketing dollars. This Traffic Generation Course helps you to never become complacent and never stop innovating when it comes to getting new leads for your agency. You will learn how to pay for traffic wisely, use your money on quality leads, and learn how to get organic high-quality traffic. Learn the WHO, WHAT AND WHY of this course below.  


When it comes to traffic, it is about quality over quantity! This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to pay for traffic wisely and put your money where the quality leads are, rather than spending tons of money on leads that have no intention of buying from you. IF YOU ARE:

  • An Agency That Needs High Quality Traffic to Effectively Scale Their Revenue. 
  • An Agency That Wants to Learn How to Organically Get High-Quality Traffic Without Spending a lot of Money. Invest Your Sweat Equity, not Your Cash. 
  • Owners looking to prove the value of their services to all clients.
  • agencies looking to go after each and every marketing dollar available to their niche.
  • an agency that wants to know the 30 top key sources of quality traffic generation.

What are the Benefits? 

To truly benefit from this course it is important that you take the time to not only learn the information but also apply the information. Once you have completed the course, YOU WILL:

  • Know the Top 30 Traffic Sources at a Glance with our Traffic Source Key That Informs how Expensive, How Long, How Much Time you Should Expect to Spend. 
  • Have Learned Cost Effective or Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Your Agency and Your Clients. 
  • Be Able to Gauge the Success of Your Traffic Generation With The 11 Critical KPI's to Determine Success or Failure at a Glance. 
  • Stop Falling Victim to Get Rich Quick SCAMS. You Will Know With Confidence What Traffic Sources Merit Your Hard Earned Time and Money.

Why so important?

Traffic Generation is so important because agencies always need leads in the pipeline but also need the right leads and the right traffic that will not waste their time. This course will HELP YOU:

  • Avoid the Most Common Pitfalls of Spending and Working on Nurturing Traffic Sources Specific to Your Agency. 
  • Know Exactly What Traffic Sources Will Work and How to Get Quality High Converting Traffic.
  • Get Beyond the Friends, Family and Referral Stage with Proven Traffic Sources for Your Agency. 
  • Develop Quality and Consistent Traffic Sources Instead of the Sporadic Hit or Miss Traffic Bumps.

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