Read Below Before Considering My 1 on 1 Coaching Program

Who Is best suited for my 1 On 1 Coaching Program?

  • A Digital Agency With At Least $400,000 In Revenue.
  • An Owner Of A Digital, Creative, Media Buying, Social, Pr, Web Dev Or Seo Agency. 
  • Owners That Have Major Aspects (If Not All) Of Their Agency Tethered To Them Personally.
  • Looking For More Free Time And Less Stress While Running Their Agencies.
  • Constantly Running Up Against The Glass Ceiling And Cannot Figure Out How To Break Free From The Growth Challenges Holding You Back. Of Course, At First We Have To Isolate What They Are, Then We Dive In And Get The Systems In Place To Propel You Past That Success Journey Phase Of Growth.
  • An Agency Owner Looking To Eventually Sell Or Run Their Entire Agency By The Numbers. I Created A World Class KPI System That Allowed Me To Work 2 Hours A Week For The Remaining 2 Years Of My Agency. 
  • Looking To Put In The Hard Work Now To Get Your Agency On Autopilot So You Can Pursue Other Entrepreneurial Dreams Or Spend More Time With Your Family. 

What is Expected from you?

  • Complete The Enrollment Application. CLICK HERE Or The Button Below To Apply Now. 
  • Pay a Refundable Show Up Deposit ($200).
    (You Show Up,You Get Your Deposit Back).
  • Be Prepared to Move FAST!
  • Be Able to Meet for 45 Minutes a Week and Have Dedicated Resources to Implementing the Systems and Processes Needed to Grow.  
  • Dedicate 3 - 5 Hours A Week Of Your Time Or The Ability To Delegate To Key Team Members To Implement The Systems/Process To Grow.
  • Have No Problem With Being Held Accountable for Your Actions - (I Will Push You Outside of your Comfort Zone, so Get Ready).
  • Must Have The Time And Resources To Implement The Systems And Processes We Isolate In Our Discovery Session(S) And Coaching Calls. 
  • Have The Money To Invest In Your Business.

What Tools & What Results Should I Expect to Receive & Achieve?

  • Immediate Access to My Agency Success On-Demand Program with 12 On-Demand Courses (CLICK HERE FOR COURSESThat Include Over 75 Tools and Resources (Templates, Workbooks, Specific Instructions And Guidelines To Grow Your Agency).
  • Expect to be Prescribed Specific Homework Items Out Of This Program. 
  • In 6 Months You Can Expect To Solve The Three Biggest Issues Holding Your Agency Back. During Our Discovery Session We Will Agree On "The Big 3". 
  • We Will Implement Game Changing Systems And Processes Customized For Your Agency. 
  • You Get Direct Access To Me Personally (Including My Contacts). I Only Accept 10-12 One   On One Coaching Students At A Time, One On One Students. 
  • You Can Expect To Get Precise Answers To All Of Your Questions.

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