Are you losing bigger projects to your competitors? You know that feeling when someone else wins your prospect over? Or maybe that feeling when you stay late at the office wrapping up a proposal and miss your son’s soccer game? It’s hard to present the perfect proposal that poses you as number one in your niche, making you the ONLY logical choice in a stack of proposals. It’s hard to find the balance between wasting tons of time constructing a perfect proposal and spending too little time creating a generic and weak proposal that won’t convert. Having someone with over 15 years of experience in your shoes could be an asset – someone who intimately knows the inside of your target audience’s mind. I’ve provided a proposal template that you can use for your own agency that has been proven to win 6-figure deals with top-notch clients. I’ve personally used and perfected this proposal template for over a decade and found exactly what makes our prospects see us as the only obvious choice in a stack of proposals. Yes, it’s important to create the perfect proposal proposal EACH time you create one. But you shouldn’t have to start from scratch every time. ALSO the reverse is true: You shouldn’t use the same proposal for every sale either. This sounds completely obvious, but all of us have struggled with one of these at some point. Well, now you don’t have to. I’ve boiled down the critical components to each section of your proposal in an easily customizable format.

How to Raise Your Agency’s Prices

3 Minute Read...Do you ever feel like you don’t charge as much for your services as you should be?Well, that’s because you aren’t!Many agencies underprice their services because of the…

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