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I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my coaching clients the other week. I asked him about how far he’s come, and how quickly he’s done it! It’s incredible how much progress one agency can make in such a short time. Keep reading to learn more about how he did it.

1. How Long Have You Owned Your Agency?

Brennen started his agency PixelCutLabs 5 years ago. When he first started they did a little bit of everything and didn’t really have a focus or specific niche. Then, about 2 years ago he decided he was ready to take his agency to the next level. He started segmenting, reducing the number of services they offered, and got serious about finding his niche. He now exclusively does web design and SEO nationwide. 

2. What Was Your Revenue Before Working With Lee?

Less than it is now! The first year it was in the six figures but profit was nowhere.

3. You Used to Have Some Serious Process Issues but Since We Started Working Together They’ve Improved, Would You Mind Sharing Some of That Experience?

Before Brennen started working with us there were some process issues that led to quality assurance issues and ultimately upset clients. To fix the problem they designated someone as a project manager, and Brennen says that solidifying that role is the best thing that's ever happened to his agency.

In addition to having a designated PM, they also have a very extensive step-by-step project management life cycle in place. From the second they have a deal close they have an answer to what comes next. Every single stage of the project life cycle is defined, no matter how many years or months that project is. They also have client communication down to a science and it’s continuously improving every time they get feedback. It’s to the point where the client has their question answered before they even have to ask.  

4. Since Establishing Your PM. How Have Things Changed?

Brennen is now able to focus on the things he wants to focus on. Before he had to do sales, deliverables, work on client happiness, and he just couldn’t do everything. Now, he has a PM to do most of that job so he can focus on growing his agency. He gets to work on his agency, instead of in his agency.

5. We’ve Also Worked on Diversifying Lead Sources and Eliminating Follow-Up Failure With Automated Systems, Explain What We Did and How It’s Impacted Your Agency?

Before Brennen had no idea where his leads came from, he just got lucky. Now, he has three ironclad lead sources and we are working on establishing more. He learned that you can't spread your attention across everything, you have to focus on perfecting one lead source then you can move onto the next and add more. They also have a really strong content strategy that’s backed by their own specialized SEO strategy and they’re seeing it work. For anything related to their agency in Dallas they rank number one. They get over 100 qualified leads every month.

Never be afraid to let someone else help you with your work. It's much harder to grow your agency from the inside then it is to for other people to help you grow from the outside.

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6. How Much Time Did You Spend on Proposals Before Implementing Lee’s Proposal Template?

Before using Lee’s proposal process Brennen could spend anywhere from 5-10 hours on a proposal. Now he spends about 20 minutes from start to finish. He took the template that Lee provided and customized it to 5 individual proposals that fit each of his “products.” Now once the client signs the proposal they have everything automated. Their project management system automatically creates a project, adds the client, send the on-boarding email, puts in the tasks they need to do, etc. Automation does so much work that he’s able to have one PM focus on all of his clients.

7. In the Past 60 Days, After Implementing The Proposal Template, Follow-Up Systems, and Diversifying Your Lead Sources, How Much Business Have You Closed?

He didn’t want to give exact numbers (who can blame him!) but he said he has closed seven new deals which totaled almost half a million in revenue and 35K in residual income a month. To put things in perspective, it was around 12K a month just 6 months ago.

8. You’re a Student at the University of Texas, Right?

Believe it or not, Brennen is just a freshman in college

9. So you are doing all of this while in college?

Yes! He does it all.

10. Would You Mind Speaking From the Heart and Telling Everyone About Your Experience in Working With Me and My Coaching Program?

These are Brennen’s exact words, “It's an interesting feeling to go from a place of panic to a place of comfort. 80% of our growth can be attributed to this coaching program with Lee, the other 20% are the other people around me… The feeling you get when you're actually helping your clients is the coolest. I've seen businesses transform because of our services.”

There you have it, straight from a coaching client! Click here to learn more about our coaching programs.

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