250k - 1.5/2 Million in Revenue
Entrepreneur - 4 - 20 Employees - Basic Leadership Structure -Scalability Concerns, Everything Tethered to Leaders, Basic Service Systems, Basic Sales Systems, 1 - 3 Lead Sources, etc...

You Broke Through The Glass Ceiling, You Have A Leadership Team In Place, Solid Deliverable Systems, a dedicated Team of employees And It Is Time To Exponentially Grow Your Agency. You Need Scalable Labor, Employee Manuals, Real Time KPI Dashboards, Accountability Rhythms And The Ability To Dial Up Leads On-Demand. All Of These Require Proven Systems With Primary Touch Points For Management To Review Performances And Make Adjustments. At This Level It Requires Personal Attention From An Experienced Coach That Can Provide Both The Guidance And The proven Systems/Tools You and your team Need To substantially Speed your Growth Up.

Agency Sales System

A 100% DFY Agency Sales Management System that is Guaranteed to Close More of the Leads You are Already Getting! 

The Agency Sales System consists of 5 systems built in a way that dramatically simplifies your ability to close a lot more sales from your already existing traffic (in most cases) Included in the system

  • Call to Action Management and Deals Management System
  • 4 Hours of Training to make sure you completely understand your new sales system
  •  Lead Harvesting Course, Sales and Marketing Automation Course, Traffic Generation Course,
  • Marketing Automation Campaigns - Customized Template Emails (3 per lead magnet), Setup & Configuration of Call to Action Management System, 5 Customized Template Lead Magnets,
  • Access to the Use the Agency Sales System User License - This system was built/configured by Marketing Agency Coach. Marketing Agency Coach retains ownership of all applications being used, we do this to keep the cost lower, speed up the implementation and it allows us to dramatically improve the quality of ongoing support. 
  • Customized KPI Dashboard Set Up and Monthly?
  • 2 Hours of Agency Coaching - You will get one on one time with Lee

Agency Success Roadmap On-Demand 

This is Not a quick fix but it is the tools, resources and one on one coaching to move you faster down the road of success. 

Our On-Demand Program consists of 12 courses (plus two bonus courses, so 14 total), 14 Workbooks, Over 75 Tools/Templates, 140 Micro Formatting Videos and One on One Coaching with Lee! This program is a Personal Guidance System for Agency Growth Plans. The Program designed to meet you where you are but not leave you there. It addresses and then tackles 12 of the biggest obstacles an Agency may come up against. Topics such as: How to handle Scope Creep or The perfect proposal, How to manage projects more efficiently and make prospect engagement flow better and become more natural.
Agency owner's time and resources are very valuable and need to be used wisely. The Courses,Workbooks,Templates and One on One Coaching in this On-Demand Program not only give you a layout and plan but also the tools and resources to accomplish your goals. Remember,"Time is Money" and with this program (done properly) you can speed up the growth of your agency along with have more time to do the things you love most - like family, friends and fun.

One on One Coaching

Speed up the Growth of Your Agency by YEARS not weeks! 
There is no substitute for experience and hard work. My one on one program is limited to 10 students at a time, we meet every week for 45 minutes to discuss strategic direction, implement new systems and processes, fine tune performance metrics, establish your product line, leadership structure, project management (service Framework) Roll out and so much more...basically if it needs to get done I am there every step of the way holding you accountable and providing all of the educational, tools, tactical and relationship guidance you need to dramatically speed up your agency success journey.

It all starts with Agency Health & Wellness exam (if you are accepted) and a discovery coaching session to discuss the exam results and current state of your agency. once we both have an intimate understanding of where your agencies maturation process is currently we will isolate "Your Big 3". Your big 3 are the three items we will focus on to ensure maximum results during out time together. 

In this program you direct one to one access to me personally (cell phone #). You receive my on-demand program, over 75 tools, & templates, access to my contact list and over 20 years of proven success in your corner the minute you are accepted into the program. 
my On-Demand Program( of which is included in my one-on-one program) consists of 12 courses (plus two bonus courses, so 14 total), 14 Workbooks, Over 75 Tools/Templates, LOOM support videos, 140 Micro Formatting Videos and my vast library of on-demand webinars! Typically this program is a self-paced program that walks you through the steps, but when combined with my personal time it because even more powerful. No spending time combing through tons of content wondering which step you should take next. I will prescribe you homework as we work on specific systems/processes, tools, templates and videos.  my on-demand course will act as a foundation knowledge and repository for everything you need as we grow your agency together. 
Agency owner's time and resources are very valuable and need to be used wisely. in my one-on-one program there is no wasted time or energy, we get straight to the problem solving phase. Isolate "your big 3", prescribe the videos, tools and templates and hit the ground running.
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