Whether You are just starting or an experienced veteran, we have a program to fit every situation..

Agency success roadmap book

Agency Success Roadmap is a book created BY an Agency owner FOR Agency owners or Freelancers wanting to go to the next level. It is a literal GPS for entrepreneurs who need a little direction or guidance to grow or just to take some of the pressure off being a business owner! We hear it all of the time “Time is Money” or "There is just not enough hours in the day" and “It takes a Village”.

These statements speak volumes!!  

That is why I wrote this book!! I understand the need for more time or resources to successfully run a business without breaking the bank. This book is written and crafted to help you travel down the road to success step by step. There are 12 chapters that discuss 12 different topics that all Agencies need to take seriously. Such as, Finding a Niche and why that is important or How do you get good leads and then turn those into sales? It takes you through topics like Sales and Marketing Automation and why it is a game changer. Rest assured that If you follow the roadmap, you can expect to accomplish the following items for your agency 

The principles and strategies written in this book are timeless and not limited to a specific agency model. These tactics are proven and have worked for startups and medium-sized agencies. It’s worked for all types of agencies as well: Creative, Advertising, Development, Social Media and Media Buying agencies.

Get a copy of the book for only $7

Agency support plus

Just need a little agency support - who doesn't?

Here is the perfect option for the agency owner that wants to grow faster but also stay on budget! We literally have something for everyone at every stage! 

This support network is guaranteed to answer any question you may have, work out those pain points you may be experiencing and just give you peace of mind when dealing with certain topics.

Included in the Support Plus and Premium
On-Demand Webinar Library - Get immediate access to over 20 On-Demand Webinars already in our Portal, and have access to the ones we record on a regular basis.
PodCast Library - Access to our Podcast library 
FREE Online Course and Tools - Every quarter you pick a course from our ON-Demand Coaching Program  and also receive all of the tools and resources that come with that course.
2 Hours of Office Time Each Month - A set time each month for me to answer questions from people in the program.
30 Minute One on One Coaching Call Every 6 Months 
Plus so so much more and All of the above for only $47 a month or $447 annually (bonus 1 hour of coaching and get 4 courses the day you sign up when you pay annually)

Agency Support Premier

Receive Immediate Access To The Tools And Resources Needed To Answer All The Questions That Pop Up On A Daily Basis While Growing Their Agency Plus Get One Get Answers To Questions Every Agency Owner Ask...Such As: How To Get More Leads, How To Prepare The Perfect Proposal, Do I Need A Sales And Marketing Automation System, How Do I Manage Difficult Clients And So Much More! Tools And Resources Included:

  • ON-DEMAND WEBINAR LIBRARY - 20+ And Growing  On-Demand Webinars Already In Our Portal And We Continue To Build Our Vast Library Of On-Demand Webinars. We Record At Least 2 - 4 Webinars A Month For Our Students, Partners, And Groups. We Archive And Give Full Access To The Entire Library
  • PodCast Library - Access To Our Podcast Library
  • FREE ONLINE COURSE EVERY MONTH - Every 30 Days You Will Be Able To Pick Any Online Course And Its Tools From Our Course Library (Click Here For List Of Courses)
  • 2 HOURS OF OFFICE TIME EACH MONTH - A Set Time Each Month For Me To Answer Questions From People In The Program. Send Me Your Questions (Up To 2 Questions Each Month) And I Will Get You The Answer
  • VIDEO LOOM SUPPORT - Submit Up To 5 Questions A Month And Get A Loom Answer In Either Office Hours Or A Personalized Loom Video
  • ACCESS TO PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP WITH ONLY PAID MEMBERS - Never Get Pitched Or Receive SPAM Post/DM’s. This Group Is Your Safe Space, Ask Us Anything, Get Advice, Etc…
  • 20% OFF ALL PRODUCTS Every Month You Are In The Program (Excluding One On One Coaching)

Agency Success Roadmap On-Demand Program

Speed up the Growth of Your Agency by YEARS not weeks! This is Not a quick fix but it is the tools, resources and one on one coaching to move you faster down the road of success. 
Our On-Demand Program consist of 12 courses (plus two bonus courses, so 14 total), 14 Workbooks, Over 75 Tools/Templates, 140 Micro Formatting Videos and One on One Coaching with Lee! This program is a Personal Guidance System for Agency Growth Plans. The Program designed to meet you where you are but not leave you there. It addresses and then tackles 12 of the biggest obstacles an Agency may come up against. Topics such as: How to handle Scope Creep or The perfect proposal, How to manage projects more efficiently and make prospect engagement flow better and become more natural.
Agency owner's time and resources are very valuable and need to be used wisely. The Courses,Workbooks,Templates and One on One Coaching in this On-Demand Program not only give you a layout and plan but also the tools and resources to accomplish your goals. Remember,"Time is Money" and with this program (done properly) you can speed up the growth of your agency along with have more time to do the things you love most - like family, friends and fun.
Get the whole program for only $1497

Agency sales management system

Here is A 100% DFY Agency Sales Management System that is Guaranteed to Close More of your Leads! This System consists of 5 Built in components or systems that dramatically simplify your ability to close more sales.

Included in the Sales and Management System :
Lead Magnets -  We will create 5 custom lead magnets for your digital agency. You get full access to our Lead Harvesting Course, of which explains my 4%-4%-92% lead harvesting formula that successful businesses understand and embrace. These lead magnets will be used on your website, at conferences, and as bonuses for joining groups, etc.. Once you have the tools you need, you can always leave prospects with a world-class opinion of your agency. 
Lead Harvesting Automated Campaigns Setup - Pre-Built Campaigns that Dramatically Streamline All Aspects of Sales Management. We syndicate 8 campaigns into your CRM/Marketing Automation Platform (must be using Keap, Infusionsoft or Active Campaign).
Lead Harvesting Call To Action System - Easy to Manage Call to Action Management System that Makes Managing all of your Call to Actions with Ease.
Sales Deals/Pipeline Management System - Successful agencies understand the importance of NEVER letting a hot prospect fall through the cracks.
KPI Dashboard Setup - Finally Gain Real Transparency into Exactly How Your Agencies Marketing & Sales Efforts are Performing. 

All for only  $6,997.00 Setup Fee and if you would like us to maintain and manage it monthly we can handle that as well for $697.00 a month. 

One on one coaching program

Over the 20 years of starting, building and eventually selling a multi-million dollar agency, I learned a lot, but one of the most valuable lessons learned is: Everyone needs a little help and guidance sometimes -- Everyone -- Especially entrepreneurs!
We are smart, hard workers, driven and truly think " I Got This" and for the most part, we do. But, we also need someone to talk us through our pain points. Someone who has been there, done that and has the bruises to prove it. I have been where you are and made it to the other side. While growing my business, I wish I would have had someone to bounce off ideas or lead me in the right direction, someone to discuss my pain points and get real world answers and solutions to things I was dealing with day in and day out.
After selling my agency, I made it my mission to help other entrepreneurs navigate through this way of life way easier than I did and do so without it costing everything. My passion is to direct and guide others like myself down the road to success faster and more efficiently than I traveled. Give you the resources and the time that you need to grow your business in the time you need to grow it!

There is no substitute for experience and I look forward to sharing mine with you. 

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