Are you focusing mostly on quantity of leads rather than quantity? Are you spending too much of your hard-earned cash on leads that don’t buy?
How do your lead magnets and calls to action look? Do they convert?
Do you have a well-thought-out strategy and framework behind getting more qualified leads in your basket? How do you harvest higher quality leads with better lead magnets and calls to action? Lead Harvesting, as Jay Conrad Levinson (The father of Guerrilla Marketing), has a simple formula: only 4% of your target audience is in the “buy” phase of the sales process. Another 4% is in the research phase, and the remaining 92% is not in the sales process at all, and won’t be anytime soon. Successful agency owners (like yourself) understand that the key to success is harvesting the 4% in the research phase, and the 92% that is not in the process at all yet. Why? Imprinting your brand on THIS audience from an early point will guarantee that you’re the first person on their mind when they are in the market.

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