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Actual Success story, Chris Shuttze w/ Launch digital proven Fast Action Plan.

What to do if you lose a couple of big clients and you find yourself in a money crunch? Chris Shuttze came to me a couple of months ago Needing some direction. he hired me to help him niche down and establish his product line. once we dove in we realized Chris needed help getting a few things straightened out. Hear his story and the solutions.

Chris knew the first two steps in getting started on your road to success are Establishing Your Niche and then Defining Your Product Line. As we began working on these items, some employee issues popped up. As you know Employees can make or break an Agency. It is vital to have the right people on your team. Chris had some employees, doing some pretty underhanded stuff, that ultimately caused him to lose a couple of clients. Consequently, that put him in a cash flow strain. The stress was on. Who hasn’t experienced cash flow issues? You know it can and it can be debilitating. Click below to get a little taste of his story.

As a result of those employees not performing, he was in a bind and was struggling with what to do next. It's happened to all of us at one point in time if you have employees. People not doing what they should be doing. As a result, we pivoted and came up with a Fast Action Plan to increase sales. Not only did we need to increase his sales immediately but also needed to fix this problem now and for the future. This is what we did.

We Jumped In and Started Working on His Fast Action Plan.

First, we harvested all old prospects, proposals, referral partners, and more. From there, we put together a simple but more compelling offer. Then we kicked it all off with an email campaign. By simplifying his offer we were able to close sales much faster, and most importantly, not get hit with major scope creep issues. We did this by putting together a simple product that guarantees no scope creep, and gave Chris one thing to sell on this campaign (So negotiations would not bog down). Simple and clear is the key.

The Fast Action Plan we established was not just for the here and now but also for the future. We did not want these issues popping up again anytime soon. We set him up with a Proposal Generation System. We dove in and found all prospects that he had any contact with for the past two years. We focused on anyone he had sent a proposal to as well. This was not an easy project, but Chris put in the time and found them. 

I have created a process that my students go through to make everything come together. There are three steps in this process. First Step, my students go through all their systems, whether it be email, Teamwork, or any other platform where they store contact information. Second Step, we harvest all first names, email addresses and phone numbers along with any other information that we can find; then we import all of that into a CRM like Keap/Infusionsoft/GoHighLevel. Third Step, we put together a very compelling offer and come up with what I like to call a “HIT LIST”. We coordinate that  “HIT LIST” with that very simple but compelling offer, add it to an email campaign and have everything kick off at the same time. There are a few other ways we can make the response even better but did not have the time to get them setup in Chris’s specific situation. We are starting to add those steps soon.

Once Chris had simplified his offer, he could then close potential clients twice as fast and not get hit with major scope creep issues. Jump ahead two weeks, Chris has five or six email campaigns going out the door he has around 30 hot prospects! This process is simple and a true game-changer. If you are wanting to get leads in your door quickly, keep scope creep from happening and close more sales, this system truly works. The greatest part is when you combine it with my proven traffic system it will generate leads immediately and into the future at any rate your agency can handle. 

Another fact and something to keep in mind is about 30 to 35% of all proposals you are sending out are going to potential clients that have been pissed off in the last 24 months by their current providers. Understanding the math behind these numbers will allow you to confidently pull out all those old proposals … actually anyone you have even had a conversation with... and re-visit them. It is time to be proactive. You may be surprised. That list is typically pretty substantial.

In Chris's case, he had generated a proposal for around a 30 prospects but he had another 50 or 60 that he just had conversations with. So he gets on the phone and starts calling them in coordination with the email campaign and what happened next was awesome! He went from having zero opportunities and zero proposals out to having over 23 deals in the pipeline AND - he closed four of them right away! There are people that you have already talked to ready to be closed, you just need to take the time to get the right systems in place to close them.

Chris closed four clients that were just waiting for him to reach back out to him, he has more in this pipeline because of the emails campaign we set up and his revenue is going consistently up. We simplified his offers, set him up with blocks of hours to sell, set up consistent communication and now he is out of his cash strain.

We actually ended up raising his prices with the simplified offer and cut the time of closing prospect in half because it was so simple. AND ... All of this happened in less than 30 days. To repeat, Chris went from having zero opportunities and almost zero proposals out the door to having over 23 deals currently in his pipeline and money in the bank. 

His pipeline is now so full that he needed a couple of weeks to get them on boarded and caught up before we started diving back into creating his niche and his simplified product line. You see, in almost every case you already have the tools you need. Chris already had everything he needed to drive a lot of sales in the door fast.

This is a pretty commonplace. When we put this kind of fast Action Plan Together, things come together quickly and effectively. You may think this took tons of time and lots of money but all of this happened to Chris from a two hour coaching session with me. Sometimes we get so caught up in the weeds we can't see a way out. We need a little direction and an extra set of eyes to see how to get out of the weeds. Because Chris was willing to do the work, he has stabilized his opportunities and kept his pipeline flow. This has allowed him to pivot back and work on what were originally working on the niching down and the product lines. 

Chris was not sure where to start or the exact steps to take; we have all been there. If you ever find yourself in this type of situation, do not hesitate to reach out to me. We can put together a Fast Action Plan of view and solve your sales profit problems in 30 days or less.

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