7 Marketing Trends Digital Agencies Must Know About for 2021

Learn how to prepare your agency for these trends now and for years to come. Top 7 Trends That Will Take Over Marketing in 2021.

The year is 2021. What are the 7 trends that will dominate marketing now and in 2 years? I know, it seems like a really long way from now but you need to think about your business and where it’s heading in the future. Learn how to prepare your agency for these trends for now and for years to come.

To succeed in the digital age, it's important to stay on top of what's trending. Whether you're using simpler strategies like influencer Marketing, Referral Partners or more complex methods like automation, staying up-to-date with the latest trends ensures you don't get left behind by your competitors.

This is the list of trends that marketing professionals can expect to see in 2021. Forbes Magazine has put out their top marketing trends, and other lists have been compiled by experts as well. After looking at what they all had to say, I've pulled together my own list of what I think will be the hottest topics in 2021. 

1. Digital Transformation - I wrote an article last year in Forbes Magazine talking about the 3rd digital Gold Rush. Well, it is ramping up again. The digital transformation trend will continue into 2021 and beyond, as CEOs and companies wake up to the fact that “business as usual” might never come back or at least not look the same. Companies will be going in aggressively and this means a huge opportunity for you. Every industry has to embrace digital technologies and the way we do things around the world that are evolving. The Digital Age has been a transformative era of global significance. Organizations all over the world, from small to large and every type in between, have had to change their entire outlooks on business in order to stay competitive with others. Agility in every aspect of business - especially marketing - is key for success.

2. Numb To Digital Ads - People are just about done with the amount of digital ads. With our homes transformed into prisons, and screens replacing the faces of loved ones, society has become numb to digital advertising. There will be a big need to think outside of the just social media format in order for us to re-engage with them in a unique way. Out-of-home advertising will be very effective as brands move back outdoors where people will be rushing around and more engaged with their surroundings. It is time to be creative!

3. Acceleration of Automation - Automate - Automate - Automate! As budgets return to normal, expect to see marketers continue embracing automation. To truly be effective you must be efficient. The only way for them to get the most bang for their buck in 2021 and beyond, while they are juggling a limited budget, is by using Automation. With no end in sight on how much work will be needed, this trend is set to accelerate as more tools are made available that can help with tasks such as customer service and lead generation. There are so many tools available to accelerate your automation and still keep your communication personal. If you are not offering automation, what are you waiting for? Check out my partner page for more details.

4. Meaning And Purpose - Taking the high road always pays off in the end!  You need to find your purpose, find your higher power and make it known. We’ve all heard that companies should focus on their meaning and purpose to transcend transactions, but it is only recently that businesses are coming into the realm of understanding what these concepts mean. We have to keep it real. Meaning and purpose allows us to stand out from our competitors by being authentic and making customers feel welcomed. This helps bring marketing to new heights and attracts more potential customers who have similar needs for the products we carry. Explain to your clients why you care and then prove it over time. Built that real and lasting true relationship.

5. Programmatic Advertising - You need to remove human error aspect and start performing real KPI's. You have to set it up properly but trust me, it will pay off. You're probably wondering how to get started with programmatic advertising, but it's never been easier. Programmatic advertising enabled companies to capitalize on their consumer data and reach audiences more cost-effectively. With insight into real-time reporting, finite targeting options, enhanced systems and detailed budget spending optimization, there are many reasons to make this trend a top focus in 2021. Programmatic advertising is expanding its market share and will soon overtake traditional media as the dominant model in the digital advertising ecosystem. According to a report by IAB and PwC, programmatic ad revenues currently account for 80% of all digital display advertising revenues. 

6. Influencer/Referral Partner Marketing -I built a multi-figure agency by having the right influencers and referral partners. At it's core you are finding people that are already paying to get in front of you target audience. You establish a long term relationship and over time it will pay off. Influencer marketing/referral partner marketing is going to be bigger than ever. The reason I add referral partner to this trend is because they can both fall under the category of an expert on your side endorsing your service. These are unique ways to increase your company's popularity and drive sales. They are among the biggest trends in social media that have been proven to be effective time and time again.
When you collaborate with the right, target-audience influencers/referral partners, your brand reach will take off.

7. Alternatives In Social Media - One of the biggest trends we are seeing is people are sick of the big social media platforms and they are looking for other avenues. Right now people are talking about 2021 is growing contempt for Facebook and how much many companies are relying on it. Exploring alternatives in the social media world is definitely going to be trending, especially as people become more aware of their digital footprint and data tracking. The average person spends over an hour a day on social media sites, which accounts for a higher percentage of daily time spent than watching television or movies. Think about how to reach these people.

I know there is way more to trends and marketing than the above tips, but I hope you will take these treads and do a deep dive into them and see how you can be better prepared for the future.

Now is the time to stay vigilant and proactive. Staying on top of the trends are crucial for keeping your agency on the right track. These top 7 trends are the tip of the iceberg but I know they will get you stated in the right direction and keep you going down the right path to success.

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