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Imagine Having All The Tools An Agency Needs To Get More Leads, Turn Those Leads Into Clients And Keep Them. Learn How To Be The Software Company In Addition To The Agency. Increase MRR And Keep Clients Longer By Providing A Niche Specific CRM Solution With Your Agency's Brand. 

In Today’s episode, I am talking with Shaun Clark, CEO and Founder of HighLevel. I am honored to have a new friend turning into a great friend Shaun Clark on my Podcast. When I first saw HighLevel, I was like, Oh my gosh, I should look into this sooner because it fits perfectly into the four pillars of my agency sales system. HighLevel is an all inclusive system that brings every platform together. It absorbs all the platforms and it is wonderful! It's a very simple system and Shaun does a great job of explaining how it works. 

I start off with the four pillars, creating lead magnets and the call to action management system and then tie everything in how HighLevel picks up. And I'm going to talk about the brilliance of HighLevel and how amazing they tie everything together for you.

Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Learn The Four Pillars Of Sales - Diversification and creation of leads and automation
  • Saves you at least $500 a year up to $25,000 a year 
  • Snapshot and the tools
  • MIT lead Generation study
  • One flat rate and recurring revenue for you - never lose a client again

Pillar one, diversification of lead magnets and how to create those lead magnets very quickly. Learn how to test them out on your website, determine the winners and the losers and continue to move forward. It's critical that you have five to seven diversified pain point driven lead magnets.

Pillar number two, delivering to your target audience at the right time. Pain points are for reminding the client why they need you. You don't go to the doctor for the same ailment every single time. Deliver the right content to the right person at the right time. And it's unbelievable how much more and more leads you can convert.

Saves You At Least $500 A Year Up to $25,000 A Year

Pillar number three and number four is where Shaun comes in and takes everything up to a whole new level. It is all absorbed into one flat rate, you get it all for one flat rate fee that by itself will save you between on the low end $200 a month and on the high end, if you're doing HubSpot about two grand a month, guaranteed to save you at least $500 a year, up to $25,000 a year depending on how you got everything configured. On top of that, it's all integrated. The second part is that it goes perfectly in alignment with my productization.

I picked Shaun’s brain about the all included tools and how he's 100% dedicated to agencies and that's no bull! 

They can capture leads pretty much anywhere you want. It can be funnels, inbound SMS, forum fills or you name it and they can do it. It can even be inbound calls and call tracking. They have a full call tracking system that includes dynamic number insertion and the whole nine yards. So, if you're running ads off of your opinions and keywords, they can handle all those too. These are just the tip of the iceberg. You name the lead source and I guarantee you they can put it in the system.

Snapshot and the tools 

HighLevel does a phenomenal job of giving you all the tools you need. They have automated phone systems and can actually do surveys, questions and quizzes. So, whenever they opt in name and email, you're going to map them to a quiz, those quiz questions become your segmentation data. But, the most important part, after a few questions they are asked for their phone number! That phone number creates an opportunity or a deal in the pipeline. It's a pipeline management system.

Gotta watch the Demo!!

First and foremost, HighLevel is for agencies only!  It's not agency first,  It's agency only. I love the fact that they only sell to agencies, and that there's no competition. They are just interested in helping agencies grow. They have a zillion features but the most important thing that they do is focus on leads to customers. When you have a customer come in, you can do an awesome job creating websites and lead magnets and funnels and all kinds of stuff and generate a lot of leads for them. 

But you know as well as I do, they don't follow up with the leads. Nurturing is part of the  process and it is critical.

“MIT lead Response management study”  

Recently MIT did a lead response management study and they looked at leads generated on the web, and they followed them from generation to close, and then tried to figure out what makes a lead versus not...And it came out with two things. One is speed to lead, so get to that lead within the first five minutes or less. And the second is lead follow up and nurturing. The goal here is simple. Getting these people booked on your calendar. Highlevel has an internal booking system like a calendar schedule. This system gets the lead, nurtures them and gets them on the calendar for you. It's all centrally managed. It's all centrally tracked, and it's easy, but when it comes to communicating with prospects they have nailed it.

Shaun gives some great examples of how this system works! A lot of people talk about leads, but it's not leads that matter, it is customers. If you don't have this sort of system to help bring people from lead to customer, you're going to be in trouble. Highlevel gives you accountability as an agency to go and be proactive, and help your clients do a better job converting those leads into customers. It's a great tool for that.

Shameless Plug

Snapshot -- GAME-CHANGER --$297 a month gives you unlimited conversations and you can resell it! It is an unfair competitive advantage that you can leverage for your business to drive your monthly recurring revenue through the roof.  Money in your pocket- hear Shaun explain how and paint the picture of why this is so important for agencies. Imagine now that you could be the software company in addition to the agency. With the software in place, you will never ever lose a client again, because the software stays around, you build recurring revenue because the software stays around. Show people that it's the combination of the software and the service under that same brand.

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