Let me caution you on falling into the trap of thinking that more traffic equals more business for your agency. This is NOT the case. When it comes to traffic, it’s about quality over quantity. To ensure that you’re getting the best traffic for the lowest price, there are a couple of things you must learn first. In this workbook, we’re going to explain the P.O.P. framework, Guerrilla marketing warfare, the Top 30 traffic generation sources, the KPIs you need to evaluate those sources, and to wrap up, we will warn you of some common mistakes agencies make as it pertains to Traffic Generation. Armed with all of this knowledge, you’ll be ready to create a traffic generation strategy for your agency and become a traffic generation master!
Regardless of how you get traffic, all traffic generation follows our P.O.P. framework. Ultimately there are three different types of traffic your agency will need to have in its arsenal to create the explosive growth we all desire. If you’re a more advanced and established agency then you need to focus on setting up a closed loop sales and marketing system to track all aspects of your client path. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what types of traffic generation best fit your agency.

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