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If you want smart data, proven landing pages, dialed in systems and to scale - then you want Invisible PPC - a true proven successful white label Google Ad agency.

In this episode, I am talking with Rob Warner, a numbers man turned marketing geek. Rob walked away from a successful career in business finance to fulfill his ambition to be a professional marketer. One of the hardest things for agencies out there is to find really reliable, white label providers that are not price gouging and just not delivering any value and actually hurting your brand. Joe wanted to fix that.

Joe went from learning the fundamentals of Google Advertising to now being a Google Certified Adwords Expert with a team managing over $24 million dollars of advertising spend a year. You need to  hear his story and how InvisiblePPC has designed everything in their service to work for both agency and the end client with a simple mantra “make sure that the agency never look stupid”. He makes sure there is no price gouging and he is delivering great value.

Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Learning about Smart Niches and the benefits.
  • At The End Of The Day - Remember - You Are The Expert
  • Industries that are seeing success with Google Ads today.
  • The number one challenge faced by agencies today.
  • What should an agency be doing today to protect the growth tomorrow?

InvisiblePPC is a white label Google Ads agency -  White label because Rob hated selling. It scared him to death and white labels meant people gave him clients. Rob and his team manage advertising budgets for clients all over the world in local business, ecommerce and medium-sized enterprises. Industries he has extensive experience in include home services, financial services, medical and most local service markets.

First topic we discussed, those smart niches and what that means

The First topic we discussed, those smart niches and what that means. Rob talks about working on their smart portfolio of products for about 12 months. Because of their scale, and because of their experience, they know what a good account in a niche looks like. They take all those markets where they know they say with a 90% plus degree of certainty, that if they build a campaign a certain way, with the right kind of landing pages in place with the right kind of offer in place, they know it's going to work. They call it a smart niche.


They have ended up with about 80 total niches so far and they truly know what they are doing. The point is that you want to get to where you've done it 100 times and you can actually start to guarantee results. Right? That is what Invisible PPC is doing. They can show case studies that they have done this for 100 people and 90% of them saw this ROI. They can do this for you. Rob talks about examples and how his white label guarantees success - Brilliant - and a must hear.

At the end of the day - remember - you are the expert. 

Talking to my coaching students -  I always tell people that in the digital world, we made it too easy on our clients. They actually do believe that we just click a mouse and you know, go watch Netflix or something. I'm pretty sure they think it's too easy and that's our fault as an industry. We made it too easy on them. It is time we start introducing that little bit of pain and responsibility and accountability on their side. Learn how you have to push back a little bit, you have to get them to sign a scope. That is the pain and it makes them think about asking for a change the next time.

Because one thing I know about our industry is it is saturated with people who give a damn. They care. I mean, if anything, we care too much as an industry, we are servers. We want to go out and serve people and we take a lot of pride in that. I love that about our industry, but there's a double edge to that meaning that due to the fact you care so much, you almost let people kind of run over you a little bit. That is what I mean by bringing the pain. I have what's called the Pavlov document and it's how you train your clients. Hear all about that document and learn to bring a little pain for a better relationship with clients. 

At the end of the day - remember - you are the expert. They hired you so step into the role, do your job, future pace, expectations, future pace communication, always leave the client with what's coming next. So they know what to expect and when to expect it.

Industries That Are Seeing Success With Google Ads Today

Rob and I dive into three questions, the first question is, what industries are seeing success with Google Ads today? I'm interested in hearing what industries are seeing success in Google Ads today as we all come out of this thing coming out of Covid-19 

Google Ads

Rob breaks down the “touch” industries that have been and the industries that are actually continue to flourish. The ones that he saw flourishing are the industries that have the emergency elements. The emergency plumber, emergency Locksmith, all emergency stuff carried on going really well. We also talk about the Home Services, home improvements, people spend a lot of time in lockdown improving their house. They saw those taking off really strongly, and the specialist ecommerce stores that supported them. One of my saddest things out of all this is bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce Attorneys, financial planners, and personal injury lawyers are doing fabulous. There are air filters, filtration systems, disinfectant systems, all of those kinds of things are coming back really, really strongly. So, in the second half of the year, we're seeing those that left and now coming back are bouncing back even higher. Things are coming back. Remember, you can’t grow a business if it is dead. You have to stay in the game. Do what you need to do to survive and stay in the game and that is not  for just today.

What's the number one challenge faced by agencies today for Google ads


Demand has never been higher than right now. Tons and tons of opportunity and surprisingly lower prices -BUT- Google is not making it easy. They are actually the biggest challenge. They're removing some of the data from the other half and removing some of the data from the interface. So, agencies are having a harder time doing their job. Suddenly, our ability to manage our client standards just got about a third more difficult. 

There's a big market shift coming up and happening now and the good thing is, business owners don't know what to do. So, if you're an agency, as much as it's a massive challenge, it's also an opportunity to go out there and talk to business owners who don't know what to do about it. Hear Rob’s examples and how all of this truly impacted the way we see Google Ads.

what should an agency be doing today to protect the growth tomorrow?

It is time to add value and deliver value in advance to start signing people up, even if they're not ready now. Get them on the books, give people value in advance and get them ready. Many people have mentally written off 2020 so if you inject yourself as their trusted advisor now by delivering value and offering easy services, you can start to build that trust and get them ready for 2021. Things that in today's volatile climate are adding value that take the builder relationship, on all the way you sow the seeds for the coming next 12 months. The worst thing you can do today is be passive. You got to be aggressive … When I say aggressive, it's aggressive with the right tone of voice , not being rude. Learn some ways to help your clients feel comfortable, you be aggressive but not overbearing, get people started now to be ready for 2021 and how PayPal can help you out your cash flow.

Shameless Plug

There are lots of companies out there who can turn angles. That's not what Invisible PPC does. If you want smart data, proven landing pages, dialed in systems and scale That is what we do. 

One of the hardest things for agencies out there is to find really reliable, white label providers. Ones  that are, you know, not price gouging or just  not delivering any value and actually hurting your brand. There's so much that goes on out there right now, it seems like everybody wants to be a white label provider right now. Let me tell you Invisible PPC are really doing it the right way. They have built the infrastructure and have been building the infrastructure for a while now. Smart niches and the absolute dominant service. And I really appreciate what they have put together because I know how much work has gone into that.

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