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Learn all about memberium -  a membership WordPress plugin that allows you to create automated membership site or course that will be able to grow, thrive and operate on it's own.

In today’s Podcast, I am talking with Andrew Pfund, the CEO of Memberium. Unlike most other membership platforms, Memberium is built to work exclusively with Infusionsoft and ActiveCampaign. Which means there’s a deep integration between your CRM which allows you to have a much higher level of automation in your site compared to other platforms. Memberium is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create automated membership sites or courses that will be able to grow, thrive and operate on their own. I can ramble on and on about this product because I get so excited about its capabilities! I have used it for years and it truly can do anything. Hear the top 5 things this platform can do and how anyone can use this system because it is so easy - It is simple, brilliant and effective.

Takeaways From This Episode:

  • efficiently productize your services with a membership site
  • Create Templates, Brand Palettes and Videos that will tie everything together
  • Automated email reminders
  • automatically apply that credit card to their past failed invoice
  • Automating scheduling meetings with clients
  • Offering a custom client portal

Before starting Memberium, Andrew was a freelance web designer and marketing consultant since 2010. He worked for a wide range of clients and did a lot of freelance work for different marketing agencies and would get so frustrated with not being able to get the needed information to complete products. He says he doesn’t think agencies talk enough about using a membership site to onboard new clients. It is a big deal and hearing Andrew explain how it actually works, will open your eyes to the possibilities.

Andrew talks about the one thing that used to drive him crazy -- how long it took to get certain deliverables from clients just to start a project. He admits it was mostly his fault because he did not have an efficient enough process in place to collect the needed information. He had too many different types of processes for the projects and it was time consuming and inefficient. 

In hindsight, he said he could’ve been so much easier if he had just narrowed his offerings to a few specific products and really thought about how he could’ve systematized the fulfillment of them through a membership site. That is what he is going to share with everyone today.

Efficiently Productize Your Services With A Membership Site

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Unlike most other membership platforms, Memberium is built to work exclusively with Infusionsoft and ActiveCampaign. Which means there’s a deep integration between your CRM which allows you to have a much higher level of automation in your site compared to other platforms. Memberium is used by people like Jeff Walker, Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, Lisa Nichols, Eben Pagan, Ezra Firestone and thousands of other successful business owners throughout the world.

In the beginning stages for each new client, if you have really thought about what you're offering, it should be close to the same steps with each new client. When you have a membership site, and you have a new client, you can automatically deliver access to your program, view the membership site, and it will guide them through the beginning steps. One of the first steps would be to train them on what to expect to get from working with you, and how they can make the project a success. 

Create Templates, Brand Palettes And Videos That Will Tie Everything Together

One way to do that is to provide templates and brand palettes and basic transparency into what you're doing. It is wonderful. In the beginning stages of the onboarding, you can give them training on what they need to know. Most clients are not experts at copywriting, marketing, or designing so that's why they're hiring your agency. One of the reasons you can not get the deliverables you are needing is because new clients do not know how to write copy, or they've never done this before. So, you have to train them. A great idea is to create videos that will tie everything together for them. One of the ways we used Memberium to do this was we would send out videos of the different departments making them personal and showing the new client what we are made of and what they can expect. People loved it and it is so easy  to load these onto a membership site.

Automated Email Reminders

Another really cool  thing with having an automated membership site that's closely connected with Infusionsoft is sending out automated email reminders. Andrew addresses automatically collecting files, and deliverables from your clients, rather than having to chase them down, and get it through multiple emails, you can provide some training on what they need to do first through your membership site. Let's say a client doesn't go through the onboarding process, you can then set up email reminders that go out to them until they've actually completed everything they need to do. And... it will remind them until they do it.

Automatically Apply That Credit Card To Their Past Failed Invoice

The third benefit Andrew talks about is automatically applying credit card information. If you're an agency and you're offering any type of subscription service, Memberium has an option to make sure you keep getting paid. For example, if a user logs into your membership site and their monthly payment fails, let's say their subscription payment fails or their credit card doesn't rebill, you can redirect them to a specific page that says, “Hey, your last payment failed to be able to continue just update a credit card”. Then Memberium will automatically apply that credit card to their past failed invoice. It can be set up to automatically charge those past invoices and automatically restore the access to the membership site automatically without somebody having to manually update it, which is kind of a pain point with other platforms.

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Automating Scheduling Meetings With Clients

Automating scheduling meetings with clients. If they've successfully gone through your onboarding, your training, and they've submitted all the files that you've needed, then they can schedule a meeting with you or somebody on your team. It makes everything so much more efficient. A lot of people think automation is taking away the personal touch but it actually helps. This system gives you more time to focus on what it is you do best as an agent and actually give more personal time to your clients.

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offering a follow along type of service

The fourth way you can use a membership site is offering a follow along type of service. This is a process that guides a client through how to do something on their end, and they do all the work. You just provide the videos that guide them through the steps, step by step. One example could be, you have an AdWords campaign that you sell to a certain vertical, after they buy it, the office manager automatically gets sent access to the program and your videos, guiding them through how to set everything up step by step. This is a very economical way you can kind of have a lower level offering to certain clients that can't afford the done for you services you offer. Andrew explains this process and breaks down the benefits to everyone.

Offering A Custom Client Portal

The fifth way is offering a custom client portal. For your longer term clients, there are ongoing training calls and more so you can create your own type of client portal that allows them to access recordings, all of their past calls and also access the resources that you have available for them. You can create a much better experience for them and allow them to automatically manage their account. For instance, they can manage their billing details, view past invoices. purchase additional offerings from you through your members portal. Wth the endless members portal sitting right on top of Active Campaign or Infusionsoft there are so many options. For example, whenever they're seeing their invoices, it's actually real time updating your CRM. So everything they're doing in the membership platform, which by the way, this is one of the huge value ads from Imperium is that everything that's happening in this membership platform is directly one to one tied to your CRM. This one talks 100% back and forth tags, content, whatever you want, going back and forth between the two systems seamlessly.

Shamless Plug

You can go to https://memberium.com/ check out their free resources. The free E-book called Nine ways you can add value to your membership site without adding or creating new content is a great way to start. They also have weekly office hour calls so if you have questions about how you can use Memberium give them a call. They love to talk to help people out. They will not hardcore sale you - they truly will just help you out. I cannot give a company a higher endorsement than the Memberium. They are world class. I've known them for years and have worked together on different projects. 

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