[PODCAST] – Troy Howard – Strategies to capture reviews and referrals from happy clients in less than 30 seconds.

Strategies to capture reviews and referrals from happy clients in less than 30 seconds. Take those reviews, and turn them into marketing juice and increase monthly recurring revenue.

In today's Podcast, I am talking to a good friend of mine, Troy Howard. He launched SoTellUs, the world’s only review platform that let’s businesses instantly capture video, audio and written reviews from their customers using an app in less than 30 seconds. The very best reviews are automatically marketed online for the businesses’ through their website, social media sites and search engines. This combination of video reviews, powerful review marketing and automated referral system has changed the review industry as we know it.

Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Helps business owners capture reviews from their clients in less than 30 seconds.
  • Why are reviews so important for my business?
  • Reviews that bring in revenue for years!
  • How should I be using reviews in my marketing?
  • How can I automate getting more reviews and referrals?
  • Increase monthly recurring revenue

Business owners capture reviews and referrals from their clients in less than 30 seconds. 

SoTellUs is a reviews and referral automated management system. I've been using it for a while now and love it. I've known Troy and his platform and have followed him for five or six years now. It's a family owned business and they just do it right. The only one where you can do video testimonials and have them syndicated and over to all the major platforms verified on Google. It's a very amazing system.

Not only can it help your clients get reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp and hundreds of other review sites, you can actually capture a video review from your client right there and then the system markets those reviews for you in less than 30 seconds . You can have 1000 great reviews, but if nobody sees them, they don't really matter. SoTellUs system takes those reviews, and it just turns them into marketing juice. It pushes them out through your website, search engines and your social media sites. It is a complete marketing system that helps you take the social proof you have and put it everywhere for your potential clients to see.

Why is getting reviews such a big deal?

I can't tell you how important reviews are in today's society! Think about Google, think about Amazon, think about how they have trained us as a society not to buy anything without checking out the reviews. Seeing what other people are saying is a priority for us now. In fact, there was a study done that showed that 88% of people consider a review, as good as getting a personal recommendation from their friend. I want you to think about that for a second. 

The reason referrals work so well is because you have this trust that's transferred between the person who referred their friend over to you. What's crazy now is that reviews are almost as good as a referral from their personal friend. People believe that what a total stranger will say online, as if their best friend told them about it. We will always go to Facebook, Google and Yelp to check out their website and references because we just can't trust one source anymore. In a nutshell, we need to get those reviews because they validate your hard work. Troy talks in more detail about the value of reviews.

Another bonus, reviews last for years, and they help you close deals. It's not just one referral, it's 10 deals over the next two or three years. Reviews are absolutely critical and most people don't have them because they don't like asking for them.  You need to ask to receive. With this system, it makes it easier to ask.

How can I automate getting reviews and referrals?

The good news is their system allows you to automate the whole process. Troy talks about some of the automation, and how it makes it so much easier for you to get reviews. They did a study on 35 years or younger age groups and found that 89% of people in this group don't care about reviews that are older than three months. It doesn't matter if you have 500 reviews from a year ago and they are all five stars, if they're more than three months old, that the younger generation does not care. 

They see that you used to be awesome but what about now? So, it is important to have this automation in place that is consistently bringing in those reviews. And what their system does is it gives you a couple of different ways to do that. There is an app on your phone so when you're with one of your clients and they start talking about how wonderful you are - you can capture it and it is ready to use immediately. Hear Troy talk about how easy and convenient it is for you and the client to give a review and it be posted on all your social media.

70% of People Will Give A Review If Asked In Person

We found that sending someone an invite, like an email invite to do a review, about 10% of the people one out of 10 will actually do it. Send them an invitation via text message, and it's about 30% will do it. Ask them to do it in person like their app and we found 70% of the people will do it. Not only do you get 70% more reviews, but you also capture the excitement.

Hear about Troy’s virtual event they recently attended. Normally they would be at this event, but this year it was a virtual event. They captured 200 video reviews in five minutes for this event! Not only did they capture all the video reviews, they had them uploaded and ready for potential customers to see. This technology is a game-changer for getting reviews and using them to bring in new clients. Just imagine, having hundreds of reviews, not having to hire a videographer or professional to take care of them but having the technology at your fingertips to repurpose all those reviews.  You can just put an app on your phone, capture these video reviews from people right there at the event and  it will instantly go to your social media sites. Talk about  search engine optimization!! 

Increase Your Monthly Recurring Revenue

Building out reviews and reputation management go hand in hand. They are a great way to build your SEO, bring in more clients and also increase your monthly recurring revenue. Setting up this platform for you and also for you clients can  bring in that extra mailbox money. You use it and you set your clients up to use it as well. SoTellUs allows you to sell a platform that's going to give your clients a lot more reviews, or give them a lot more referrals, and you get mailbox money. 

White Label Vs Concierge Service

Troy talks about what I refer to as kind of you concierge service or a red carpet kind of service for agencies. Building relationships and referral partners for you and your clients. Businesses work best when they have the right partners. SoTellUs build all of their  programs to help their partners be super successful. They have  literally paid out millions of dollars to partners over the last 20 years. They have over 5000 clients in 28 countries that they work with. They have built this amazing product, and platform where basically the agencies don't have to do anything. Just sit back and collect that mailbox money.

So many times Troy talks with agencies that want a white label service. He tells them white label services are good in some cases, but the problem with white label services is you have to do all the work, right? Which means you're not out selling more clients and growing your agency. This is where the kind of a red carpet concierge service comes in. It's not a white label because SoTellUs is going to take care of all of the work. They offer partners live webinars, landing pages for registration and all of that. all you have to do is invite people to the webinar and they will close the sale for you.  In other words, they set it, do the presentation, close and sales that come in and boom you have recurring commission. Troy explains the process in more detail in the podcast.

Shameless Plug

Again, their big thing is they want to work with like referral partners. They want to work with agencies to make their life easier, and give them a product that they can provide to their clients that's going to be very successful. People need their social proof. Their system makes you look like a rock star in front of your clients. When they are receiving such great benefits from the software and you get to keep that residual income for a very, very, very long time. Right now is the time to focus on those small ticked items that keep the doors open each month. SoTellUs offers recurring income, when the  bigger ticket items can’t be sold. They offer 35% net profit. They are giving you 35% off the top 

Hear about SoTellUs “Seven strategies to get more clients with reviews and referrals”. It is really important, especially for agencies, he will be talking about them  launching a product and that generated $500,000 in recurring revenue in six months. And it was all based on videos of customers sharing their experiences. He will be talking about how they did that and when they realized how to leverage their customers' experience in marketing all across the internet. Also, we will be discussing this and much more in our upcoming webinar.

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