[PODCAST] – Brad Morrison – Learn the importance of leveraging white-label services so that your agency can grow and scale.

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Brad Morrison explains how GoWP provides white label services to help WordPress agencies grow. Agencies that partner with GoWP are able to focus on the low-touch, high-value work because GoWP takes care of the high-touch, low-value work that disrupts their day 

In today's episode, I am talking to Brad Morrison, the CEO (or what he likes to call, “The Chief Happiness Officer”) and founder of GoWP. Brad's been working with WordPress since 2009 and he knows his stuff when it comes to website care plans. Brad has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to anything WordPress and anything technical, like care plans, maintenance plans, things along those lines. He has a new product that he's rolling out and that's is what we are talking about.

Before we dove into his new products,I had to ask…”Have you seen an uptick in business in the past 2,3 or 4 weeks by any chance? Brad’s answer is a resounding “YES”! He talks about when things first hit, there was a little bit of a dip, but since that initial set back in March, things have been going great! They have actually one of the best months ever. This is just confirming what I have been saying for awhile now -- get ready for the next digital gold rush! With everything that has been happening, the one thing everyone is saying is go virtual. Which translates into paying someone like us to do their digital stuff. I keep telling everybody the better reload. But, are you ready because it's coming?

Takeaways From This Episode:

  • What the hell does GoWP do specifically?
  • a business to take all of the “little stuff” off of the plate of agencies.
  • GoWP offers gives you the team you need.
  • One of the biggest pain points in a page build out.

What the hell does GoWP do specifically and how can you help other people?”

“What the hell does GoWP do specifically and how can you help other people?” I asked him to specifically talk about the white label program because that is what my audience is going to be really interested in. The way he set up his white label profile, is designed to save time and effort for agencies.They literally handle all the small details for you so you have more time to focus on what you love doing.
Brad explains how hard it is to try to do new projects and manage existing sites especially those little support tasks, those tasks that come in where your whole team's committed on this one big project.

They Built A Business To Take All Of The “Little Stuff” Off Of The Plate Of Agencies.

Basically, they built a business to take all of the “little stuff” off of the plate of agencies such as: “My emails are not working, the SSL is not configured properly, the login credentials aren't working”. The basic stuff that has a tendency to consume hours of every single week is what they do. In a nutshell,the things that bog down a lot of agencies, GoWP takes care. Like content edits, and changes and tweaks and install this plugin and configure this plugin, and those little things on the site that need to be done. They take care of all the details that need to be done but it is difficult to dedicate a full time developer on these tasks. Let the developers work on more what they love to do and is more lucrative and a higher value work.

GoWP Offers Gives You The Team You Need.

WElcome to the team

It's not glamorous, but you have to do maintenance, you have to do content edits.So what GoWP has done is design a tool for agency owners who are being consumed by repetitive tasks.On the maintenance side, GoWP has a plugin - not a tool like WP or any of the tools to update things - It's kind of a combined tool that they have built. It is the service of proactively taking care of things that the difference there would be managed by WP. Hear all about how their tool is different.They just hit a button and boom it will update your plugins. 

You can even put your agency branding on the dashboard plugins. 

The white label support that GoWP offers gives you the team you need. If one of your clients submits a request update ...add this blog post to my website … install this plugin and add this tag...this change comes in the email to the agency's support address and then your GoWP support team takes over.They log in, complete the task and  then reply back to the client that it's been done.That white label is an email workflow. 

So we have the branding that you can do on the maintenance plugin and the email workflow on the content edits. And so the forward facing stuff is branded with them. 

One Of The Biggest Pain Points In A Page Build Out.

GoWP does not  think of themselves as a maintenance and support service, they  think of themselves as a company that takes low value work important, but low value work off the plate of an agency owner, so you can focus on the higher value work. And so it's important it has to be done with a WordPress site.

Need help building out pages? GoWp can help you with that. You can do a ton with their service.Before you hire someone, hear how you can leverage their service. See how you can give them your designs, they take those designs and build it out in the page builder. With their plan, you get a quality assurance project manager and a developer. One of the biggest pain points in a page build out is that there's no transparency. GoWP believes in complete transparency. They check the product and give daily updates. Rest assured you will know what is going on and this takes so much pressure off you and your team.

Game-Changer and Time-Saver!

The Niche Agency Owners Facebook Group 

GoWP has an amazing Facebook group, the Niche Agency Owners Facebook group. They are a very active group with wonderful experts that contribute and are available to be there for you. With so many fly by night companies that spring up, it is good to see people that care about growing agencies. Brad is the real deal. He has an unbelievably good organization and people that  love him and love what they are doing. I know what it looks like because I've built an award winning culture and I know how employees communicate about their bosses whenever they really give a damn and all that fun stuff. It's Fun to see the light in the eyes of the employees, something that's a true testament to Brad and his character brand. 

Brad is always happy to schedule a quick call to talk about how his service might be able to fit into the workflow of your agency.

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