4 Key Components To Sales And Closing More Of Your Leads

How to Close More Leads and Bring in consistent Sales stay ahead of the game starting second quarter. get the right follow-up system in place so no leads fall through the cracks. TOP OF YOUR LIST - GET AN AGENCY SALES SYSTEM IN PLACE.

We are heading into the second quarter of 2021 and hopefully starting to settle into our new norm. It is a different time for sure but things are definitely looking up. I recently wrote a blog, "What Are The 7 Trends That Will Dominate Marketing Now and in Two Years.” In the article I talk about the different challenges facing Agencies and Marketers. 

Lead Generation and Sales Marketing can be one of the challenges you are facing but there are things you can do to make sure you are a head of the game. TOP OF YOUR LIST IS YOU NEED TO HAVE A AGENCY SALES SYSTEM IN PLACE that will bring in consistent leads and have the right follow-up so no leads fall through the cracks.

Here are 4 Key Components and Tips of a Successful Sales System That Will Make Sure You Are Getting More Consistent Leads, Sales and Have The Follow-Up To Keep Them. Get These Systems in Place.

Key #1 Bringing the Pain In Your Lead Magnets

1. Specific Pain Points - When you create a lead magnet, it's important to make sure that the content within is centered around solving one specific pain point or problem. A lot of companies have made the mistake of creating lead magnets based on features rather than problems. Instead, try and be more precise about what your target audience experiences when they're dealing with this issue. Remind them how painful it is by reminding them of some other troubles that related to this issue. Then show how your product can relieve the pain and give your audience a sense of hope for their future.

2. Agile Lead Creation -You need to quickly create lead magnets and test them out with your target audience. Sadly, many people spend tons of time on designing their lead magnets without ever testing them. It is important to split test your messages around your target audience’s pain points. You should have a few different options like quizzes, surveys, lead magnets and Facebook Groups.

3. Prospect Vetting - Identifying buyers who are ready to move now and weed out the window shoppers is crucial for lead production. You can do this by determining their buyer identifiers, which will help you identify a potential customer's buying cycle. Buying cycles vary from person to person, but generally fall into three categories: prospecting phase (the buyer is looking at your product in hopes of buying), evaluation phase (the buyer has become aware of all the pros and cons associated with your product), and finally purchase decision phase (the buyer decides to buy). Identifying buyers during these phases can help you better understand when they are most likely to be ready for purchase.

Key #2 Lead Harvesting and having an Agile CTA Management System 

1. Agile CTA Management System - You need to have an agile CTA management system that allows you to deploy, split test, and harvest precise KPI’s on exactly which lead magnets and taglines that not only convert, but lead to high paying projects. Once armed with a system and data like this you can easily optimize your conversions to double or triple your lead flow on your already existing traffic.

2.Testing And Targeted Content Increases Conversion -The higher the conversion percentage, the more leads you get. The Rollout of advanced Call to Action Management Systems have become 1000% easier to manage. It is extremely important to get the exact information to the right people, at the right time. This is a powerful tool that can make your life easier and bring in those all important leads you are currently missing during harvest season.  

Key #3 Automation And Pipeline Management.

1. Hot or Not? -  Figuring out who is a hot lead and who is not. There is a 4-4-92% breakdown of leads. Learn how to harvest all three types of leads. The 92% are important but you do not want them to be a time suck, how do you know who is hot lead and who is not? With the right sales system in place you can determine who is hot and who is not.

2.Eliminate Follow Up Failure - One of the biggest responsibilities of any successful sales system is making sure no lead is left behind. It must assure that all leads are followed up. Leads are the lifeblood of any successful business.  You must give that life blood the attention it needs and that attention needs to be a healthy mix of automation and personal touch. We all know personal touch is very important and necessary when closing larger ticket items, but it can be time consuming if not done properly. To keep this from happening you need a very simple but effective Pipeline Management System in place. Now, If you are a real savvy agency you can combine the pipeline management system with a real time KPI dashboard. Combining pipeline management, lead source tracking, CTA management with a real time KPI dashboard will be an absolute game-changer and can give you complete transparency into one of your largest expenses, your customer acquisition cost. 

Key #4 KPI’s

1 - Real-Time KPI-If you want to stay ahead of the game, then having real-time KPI's is a must. Having these will allow you to make sure your sales systems are performing as they should be and that you're not missing any important information during the day. Sadly, so many people don't know that this type of technology exists or how easy it is for them to set up. If you really want an advantage over others in the same position as yourself, then utilizing these types of tools can help.

2 - Lead Source Tracking When Using Automation - Before you run any marketing campaign, it's important to make sure you're tracking your lead sources. By implementing a few tweaks, setting up the system will take seconds and will be easy to maintain over time. With the advancements in technology, it is now possible for small business owners to compete with large companies. They can do this by utilizing closed-loop management systems which help monitor everything from lead source tracking to what is working and what is not working.

Overview: A closed-loop management system tracks everything from leads sources to what works and doesn't work. Nowadays, these types of systems are available for small businesses as well as big companies so that they can effectively compete in the marketplace. Agencies have to work smart and efficiently. Having the right systems in place can make your life easier and more effective.

Challenges are just opportunities to succeed. Having the right mind-set and having the right systems in place will make sure you are successful. If you are reading this it is because you are serious about your agency. 

I know what it is like to own an Agency and I know what it takes to be successful. I have an Awesome Agency Sales Management System already in place and set up to help you navigate and conquer lead generation and closing of sales.

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