[PODCAST] – Liz Germain – How To Leverage Youtube For More Qualified Leads!

Learn how to turn YouTube into a lead generating machine for your agency. YouTube directly affects all of your social media - see how to master it!

Liz Germain is a rock star when it comes to YouTube! In this episode, Liz and I talk about how to turn YouTube into a lead generating machine for your agency. Using YouTube directly affects all of your social media! Liz Germain helps grow and monetize YouTube specifically for online businesses, coaches, entrepreneurs and agencies.

Takeaways From This Episode:

  • The Three Core Elements Of Her YouTube Mastery Program
  • YouTube is A Search Engine - Owned By Google
  • Video Marketing Strategy Converts On Average 49% More
  • Two Case Studies 
  • Create A Habit To Turn Viewers Or Subscribers Into Buyers
  • Creating The Three Channel Pillars
  • Top Three Techniques To Get Subscribed Qualified
  • YouTube Growth Course

Liz Germain, founder of Vidfluence LLC, helps online businesses grow and monetize YouTube using video marketing automation and YouTube SEO. She is a leading expert in YouTube organic strategy. Liz has generated over 100 million organic YouTube views and tens of thousands of leads for Vidfluence clients across industries. She personally holds a handful of YouTube awards and teaches cutting-edge YouTube organic marketing strategies that have generated millions in sales online. Liz tells how she accidentally fell into YouTube when she realized they were getting the highest return on their investment on YouTube even though they spent the least amount of time on it. Realizing you can do the work once and just have it live there and have it generate leads forever!  It is all about working smarter, not necessarily harder.

One of the things people  do not understand is that YouTube is a search engine. It's actually the second largest search engine in the world. And it is owned by Google, which is the first largest!

YouTube is A Search Engine - Owned By Google

Liz teaches people how to really master YouTube SEO, and the keyword strategy to pull in targeted organic leads to your business and into your sales funnel. If you do a Google search now you will find  like three to four different videos right there at the top. Right. Yeah, it's very challenging to actually rank on the first page on Google, especially for agency related search terms. But the thing is, YouTube gives you the competitive edge. Because now if you do your SEO correctly on YouTube, and you have really high quality content over there, you can actually not just take over first page rankings on YouTube search results, but also on Google.

Video Marketing Strategy Converts On Average 49% More

People who use video in their marketing strategy convert on average 49% more than people who do not, and 80% of online consumer traffic is Video Traffic.YouTube is your video platform of choice, video in general is one of the best ways to market and promote your business. 

But the thing that really differentiates YouTube is that it has the search capability. So if you're looking to do the work once and have it be a lead generator for you forever versus having to manage expensive ad campaigns or constantly be posting, YouTube could be a really great option for you.

Because, over the long haul, that one video can easily have a 10x return. YouTube, kind of like Google is more of a long game strategy. It will be there and work for you for the next 10 years.

Two Case Studies

Liz tells about two case studies that explain how YouTube benefits business owners. #1 Case Study --  a lot of people get really lost in the YouTube world thinking they need to have 100,000 subscribers and their videos need to be getting tens of thousands of views to actually generate revenue for their company, but that is a false belief.  So don't believe the hype!

#2 Case Study -- Thinking about your video content as creating an essentially organic ad. Where you turn a viewer into a buyer by using keyword targeting to actually attract them so that they can search and discover who you are. It is a way for people to know and trust you without you actually having to pick up the phone or, you know, be interacting with them in real time

Liz shows how to make video work for you. Learn how you multiply yourself as you create assets that work for you and deliver results for you - without you having to put your time and all day every day videos on YouTube.

Turn Viewers Or Subscribers Into Buyers!

Liz breaks down the top four things she would recommend to everyone on how to monetize your YouTube videos.

  • Number One - Selling your own programs, services, products, etc.
  • Number Two  -  Affiliate marketing.
  • Number Three  - Brand deals and sponsorship. 
  • Number Four - Adsense revenue.

I will add to the above list; when it comes to turning a viewer into a buyer, YouTube has so many cool features for conversion! So first and foremost, you need to make sure that you have expertise like positioning because you only get one chance to make a first impression. Make sure that you are including your publishing schedule -  When should people come back? 

Also, you have to get yourself into the routine of batch filming. You need to be able to keep up with a weekly schedule or whatever works best for you.

Creating The Three Channel Pillars

  1. Pillar One - It's really, really critical in the first two seconds of someone landing on your channel  that they understand this channel is going to be covering around three different topics. Create a silo structure for your video content, and then make sure that's really clear in your channel. 
  2. Pillar Two - One of the biggest mistakes is using YouTube for marketing purposes, by putting every single social platform such as, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. thinking I need to bombard them with everything I have. 
  3. Pillar Three - Always giving a verbal call to action at the end of the video, because if somebody watched the entire video, they are clearly interested!

Liz gives so many pointers and amazing ideas!!

Top Three Techniques To Get Qualified Targeted Subscribers?

Liz talks about an entire keyword research process that they go through before they ever even hit record on any single video. You cannot skip the YouTube SEO strategy of identifying keywords! 

When it comes to actual videos being created, there are three different types of videos that are really good channels. These tips come straight from YouTube and Liz breaks down these three techniques and platforms. Listen for the most highly engaged and fastest growing channels from a subscriber perspective.

YouTube Growth Course

Start with “help” content first, and then do the keyword research process in their  YouTube Growth Course. It will literally take you step by step through the process and show you how to use the different YouTube plugins like VidIQ. It walks you through the process so even if you have no idea what you're doing, You got this! It gives you the templates and the spreadsheets that makes it easy.

Learn more about the YouTube Growth Course.

Finally Words or Food For Thought

Liz gives a few wisdom nuggets and a shameless plug on how she can help you.Such as, if you're creating videos, and you really want them to go the distance, meaning you spent all this time creating the videos ...you do all the keyword research process ... then it goes live on your YouTube channel -- you also want to make sure the YouTube videos are not just living on the YouTube channel,but are also repurposing them throughout all of your marketing efforts. So, Liz recommends also embed those YouTube videos into a permanent place on your website where it can live on and on. 

Top Notch information in this episode if you are wanting more qualified leads with YouTube!

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