[PODCAST] – Ali Quigley – Impravado – Increase Residual Income for Your Agency Using Real Time KPI Dashboards

Are you truly taking advantage of your KPI Dashboard? Do You Want Residual Income?

In today’s episode, I am talking with Allie Quigley and she is one of the founders of a company called Impravado. What they do is help you aggregate in real time all the KPIs. There's a lot of benefits from all the KPIs - She breaks down those benefits. I wanted to get her on my podcast because who does not want to increase your residual income, right? 

Takeaways From This Episode:

  • True Ability To Be Able To Validate Your Hard Effort. 
  • Automate that entire process for you, you connect in, they pull in all the data for you.
  • Real time KPI dashboard is an absolute game changer.
  • Don't even need a technical background - they do it for you!
  • Have six or seven campaigns going at once.
  • Watch an actual demo of Impravado!

True Ability To Be Able To Validate Your Hard Effort.

Ali shows you how a platform like Impravado can allow you to aggregate whether it be from Google Analytics, Facebook insight, you name it, you can pretty much pull all that stuff into a centralized real time KPI dashboard. They are a  data aggregation platform that's built specifically for marketers. Impravado pulls data from about 180 different channels that you might be running campaigns on which allows you to do some high level cleanup of that data ; Ultimately, they can send that data to a database where you can visualize it in places like Google Data Studio, Power  Bi even Tableau!

The reason why this is so important is because often times marketing teams are spending entirely too much time on the wrong tasks. They are spending a lot of time on actually pulling this data together, and not as much time on the optimization and actually analyzing it to really get the true value out of what's happening with your campaigns. GAME CHANGER!

Automate The Entire Process, You Connect In, They Pull In All The Data For You!

Right now you might spend 50 hours a month pulling all this data from these sources, then you spend 300 hours on the actual cleanup. From there, it takes you 10 hours just to put the report together. With Impravado, they automate that entire process for you, you connect in and then they pull in all the data for you. Then you're ultimately able to have a dashboard that you can just open up, understand what's going on and know how you need to be spending your time in terms of optimizations.

In general, what they really help customers with is building a foundation of an analytics culture. Ali talks about how most of the time, their customers come to them because they're either doing this from a manual perspective, or they have pieces and parts of this automated. So typically, what happens is, when customers are doing this, from a manual perspective, they're spending a lot of time on pulling this data through from all the different sources, they're having to log into each and every single one of the platforms pull that data together and then do some cleanup on top of that data to make it all make sense together only at which point they can load it into Tableau, Power BI or any one of the visualization tools, and then from there, they can start making the optimizations. Now with that, oftentimes, what will happen is because it's a manual process, things might not go exactly as planned. You might have some inaccurate data, you might have some copy and pasting errors and so on. The major takeaways are going from 300 hours to 10 hours for your data analysis and less errors!! 

The impacts of this can be huge - Your ability to make decisions much more quickly, your campaigns become much more efficient, because you have more time to spend on the actual optimization. Then of course, that starts to impact things like your marketing, return on investment, and then your agency's bottom line revenue. So there are a lot of areas that can be really impacted by just putting in this fully automated solution that will allow you to focus more on the data and less on the process of getting to that data!

Don’t Even Need A Technical Background - They Do It For You!

Having a real time KPI is an absolute game-changer for sure!! It is unbelievable to see your average hourly rate, your billable hours, your profit margin ...everything at a glance! And,you don't have to have any sort of technical knowledge or background to be able to get your hands on this data! 

The first step to this whole process is you getting access to their 180 different data connectors. Their data connectors span across social media search, display, different types of CRM and different types of analytics platforms quickly, just by putting in your credentials! Then they start pulling that data through the extraction process. They send this data to your current database or they can provide you with one. That simple, they can even manage your database! Take all that on for you. One key part of this process is as you get connected they help you in things like transforming that data, which means they help you set up different columns for different channels, impressions and conversations! And then you can ultimately either visualize it through their platform or you can send this data to visualize it in other places. 

So, hypothetically, if you're running a campaign, a brand awareness campaign in Facebook, a closed campaign after being pix-elated in Facebook and Google - you have six or seven different campaigns across all the different things. With Impravado, you can pull all of that into one centralized platform and give a true aggregate number of return on ad spend across all platforms for that one campaign! WHAT!!  I mean, the value in that alone!

Watch An Actual Demonstration Of The Process!

Ali goes through and breaks down the process, answers questions and explains how the system actually works! She describes how Impravado is for all types and sizes of agencies and why it has been so successful!

Eliminates you having to log in to each and every single one of those platforms every single time.Start extracting specific data source or extracting specific types of data from these sources. Understand what's happening at the lowest levels of granularity.Now you got another up-sell, you got another opportunity there.Display ads, your video ads, your traditional ads, your campaign managers schedule or whatever works best for you.

Question And Answer Time!

Lee and Ali go through and answer the questions that come up and reply to comments regarding Impravado.

If you are serious about saving time and bringing in more residual income, this is a must see episode! Learn how your KPI dashboard works and use it to your advantage.

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