[PODCAST] – Ryan Chapman – Learn How To Use Infusionsoft To Increase Profits By Converting More Leads With Texting!

Do you want to Learn how to Increase cash flow and convert more prospects? Well, Ryan Chapman is the guy! He has been helping business owners improve profits and create greater autonomy through communication centered technology for 12+ years.

In this episode, I am talking with Ryan Chapman. I've known Ryan for a while. He has been in the Infusionsoft and the marketing automation space for some time and his passion is helping business owners improve profits and create greater autonomy through communication centered technology. He is the author of three business books, with his most recent being The Messaging Connection. This book will teach you how to more effectively convert prospects to customers. We talk about this book and many other tips to increase your cash flow by converting more leads.

Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Learn marketing automation and direct response marketing.
  • Beware - Marketing Automation Can Be A Trap. 
  • how to tighten up the sales cycle and how you can stay engaged in a conversation 
  • Texting Automation and Learn “Marketing Rule Number 19”
  • the "OCD Rule" to get more phone numbers

Ryan talks about starting his first business. The excitement of the unknown possibilities was his driving force. He talks about spending time on their logo, the name, the uniforms, the recipes, how quickly we're going to make smoothies. Focused on everything except on how the business actually needed to operate. Ever been there? I know I have.

learn marketing automation, and direct response marketing

He tried everything. Even though he was very ambitious, worked hard, he had no clue how to truly run his business. Eventually, he ended up shutting down his smoothie business. Then in 2006, he had the good fortune of being introduced to two things that totally changed his life. Those two things were marketing automation, and direct response marketing. Having these two concepts introduced to him simultaneously was one of the biggest changes of his life. Literally, six months after he had those things introduced to him, his brother and he started a business that would go from having to put $37 on his credit card because he didn't have any money to 1.3 million in sales! 

It was a phenomenal experience and that is when he created a new business, which is Fix Your Funnel. They are 100 percent focused on helping people to better communicate with prospects so they can convert into customers. He is taking what he learned and truly helping others.

Beware - Marketing Automation Can Be A Trap.

One of the biggest reason businesses fail is because they mess up cash flow and you do not get a second shot. Marketing Automation helps with cash flow. We preach marketing automation all of the time but only if it is done properly because it can also be a trap! The trap being, you start over automating everything. This challenge is that people get so excited about what's possible with automation and the systems that they can put in place that they build a wall between them in cash. Hear about this trap and others that you can easily fall into and how to afford these traps. Learn automation and also keep the personal touch. Learn how automation can actually enhance the humanity of a sale.

How To Tighten Up The Sales Cycle And How You Can Stay Engaged In A Conversation 

As you know, all sales cycles start with the conversation and anything you can do to shorten the sales cycle is important. This can be critical to cash flow and the survival of your business. Ryan talks about how to tighten up the sales cycle and how you can stay engaged in a conversation with a potential buyer. Learning when to start the conversation is a skill and this is where a marketing automation system that is set up properly can be so powerful. 

Another tip Ryan talks about, is if you want to accelerate sales cycles, you don't make people jump through 30 hoops before they can finally talk to you. You may have some filtering that weeds out the tire kickers. But as soon as somebody gives the indication, based on their action, you jump on it and that's the beautiful thing about marketing automation.

Texting Automation And Learn “Marketing Rule Number 19”

Ryan talks about his “Marketing Rule Number 19”. We have already determined sales happen through conversations. Knowing that you are going to capture a lead you should also know how you are going to sell to that lead. Meaning you should know how to communicate effectively. So many people come in this backwards. Thinking the easiest way to get a lead is to ask for an email.  Emails are great but you have to think past emails and think about capturing a phone number as well. Then you have a text message sent through the automation system that asks an open ended conversation starting question relevant to the context. It is a great way to start a non-threatening conversation with a prospect. It is a different mindset and a different sales process but it works amazing.


Ryan owns the texting platform. When it comes to knowing how to really get that personal touch, engagement through texting, you're not gonna find somebody that can do it better than Ryan Chapman. He brings it full circle and tells us his top ways that texting can help you establish and get that personal dialogue going. Text messages are saying much more than emails now because so many emails are not being opened and some are never even seen.So, If you learn to use text effectively it can  point people to an important email and start a dialogue.

the "OCD Rule" To Get More Phone Numbers

Ryan talks about his “OCD method” and how it works so unbelievably well. A for sure way to get the audience to give you their number. When speaking at events and giving his presentation, the audience wants to write down all the amazing information that will make their life much better. He takes the pressure off the attendees by saying, “to get a copy of my presentation and get all this information for free, don’t worry about scribbling down notes, just text a keyword to 949-835-5300 and I will send you this entire presentation”. Then he pulls up a slide with the iPhone image, a picture file and it says text “Keyword” this number and you will physically see them all Mad dashing. He tells people, if they text, then he will send them a PDF and an audio version of his book. Brilliant and helpful for you and them.

Ryan wrote this book, The Messaging Connection, because he wants to give people a foundation to know how to use messaging to accelerate the growth of their business, and particularly their cash flow. Because one of the things he discovered early on is that if you can't manage that cash flow in the early days, you don't survive long enough to learn the lessons of what your business really is.He really wants business owners to be successful. He really wants them to survive long enough that they create something substantial. 

If you text the word “LEARN” to  949-835-5300 he will give you the audio version as well as the PDF version of his book. It is a must read and I highly recommend it. To really understand how you can shorten up the sales cycles, create these relationships with customers faster and have the cash flow game so you can survive long enough to learn what it takes to really make your business.

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