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What Is Holding You Back From Going To The Next Level! What You Don’t Know Could Seriously Be Hurting You. 

In all honesty, you have to get out of your own way!! I learned the hard way that the majority of the time when something wasn’t working in my agency it was my fault!! Brennen and I had some of the same similarities and he had to learn to get out of his own way of succeeding. Hearing his story will for sure inspire, encourage and help you grow your Agency!!

In today’s episode, I am talking with Brennen Bliss, Owner of Pixel Cut Lab. Brennen is seriously one of my most favorite and most successful agency stories! People literally tell me,“I want to be like Brennen or How do I grow like Brennen did?”

Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Isolating The Three Things That Impact Exploding Growth!  
  • By Slowing Down You Actually Speed Up
  • Fresh Minds Equals Fresh Ideas - How To Release The Pressure
  • By Selling Honestly, You Actually Close A Higher Percentage.
  • Find Your Tribe And Your Passion!
  • Getting Your Service Department To Actually Drive Revenue

Brennen’s Agency name, Pixel Cut Labs, was chosen by him when he was 14 year old! That is right, 14!! He is now 21 and rocking it! His agency, essentially - does just one thing and one thing only - Search Engine Optimization. They have a couple of very specialized SEO services and span to three different categories of SEOs. Brennon found his “Niche”, learned how to get out of his own way and grew his agency to where he is now! You are going to love his story and advice.

Isolating The Three Things That Impact Exploding Growth!

During Brennen and my first few sessions, we had to find his three pain points. The top three things that were holding him back. First, was his service framework (or lack of). Second, we had to dial in his offerings! Honestly, he was doing the same thing we all have done - We start with the money, “I will take your money, and then I'm gonna figure it out later”. He was spread way too thin. And then the third, was the pressure of driving that revenue all by himself. We had to figure out a way to get more revenue out of the clients. And so that's the three things we're talking about today.

By Slowing Down You Actually Speed Up!

I say this all the time, by slowing down in business, you actually speed up and Brennen knows what I'm talking about now, but at that time, he was like, “everybody told me to hustle harder”. So anyway, what we did is this, we went through my discovery process, and what happened was we found out that there were basically three things that were really putting a lot of pressure on him. Oh, by the way, if you have a lot of stress and pressure on you, it's slowing your entire business down. That stress is just like putting a 50 pound weight on you and then trying to run a marathon!

Sell With Honesty - Have A Process - Close At A Higher Percentage.

If you are listening out there and you are not sure you have the right process or the right documents in place,listen up! Brennen has some great ideas for you.  We talk about; project scopes, change orders, face sign offs, and legal agreements. Brennen talks about selling real expectations! When he did this their retention rates went up and stress went down. It  makes a world of difference! Because of his approach and his process, which highlights extensively the three categories of transparency, accountability and education, those three things together, the things that other agencies don't typically have, he is growing and growing. During the process, Brennen finds the right people by being honest and forthcoming - so that people who aren't interested or won't fit in with his process and philosophy - he weeds out.

Find Your Tribe

By finding your passion and finding your tribe, you will be happier and more confident in you and your agency.It is a life changing experience to have people under the veil of complete privacy and conversation. I mean, there are forums that are set up in a way that allow you to have that conversation and even give you an accountability partner, somebody that you can just go and complain to or seek advice from. Because I can tell you, your friends who are not business owners do not want to hear about your hiring and firing problems. Only another business owner, somebody who's actually done what you want to do successfully and has walked in your shoes can truly listen and understand!

Find Your Passion

Brennen talks about his road to finding his passion, SEO. They went from paid ads to website design and SEO. They were an all in one stop shop. But, then he started to realize he was more passionate about SEO. He started leaning into what he was passionate about and God gifted him at doing and that was SEO ...So, he started going through the process of removing,literally removing anything that wasn’t SEO related. He found his skill set Niche and then broke out into the  ecommerce SEO space. Now he is getting into a skill set industry niche.It is kind of a niche within a niche and that is what he is winning his awards for!

Being An Entrepreneur And ADHD

Brennen's first year he made $39,000; then $181,000 and $335,000. Last year he made $509,000 and this year, he is on track towards $790,000. These are all very real numbers and during these times, Brennen talks about how at one point he felt like the world was about to fall apart...And that comes from having ADHD. That's a common trait with people who have ADHD, which by the way, is about 50% of entrepreneurs. Always feeling like the world is about to crash around you. If you have ADHD, There are two great books - Faster Than Normal  by Peter Shankman and Driven To Distraction by Edward M. Hallowell that he highly recommends. Because, when you truly understand ADHD, you truly learn how you run a business. Once he learned how he worked,the revenue grew, the company grew, and it is really fun to look back and say, that was actually how we grew. Embrace who you are and use it to your advantage!

Getting Your Service Department To Actually Drive Revenue!

Brennen talks about getting to the point where his service department was generating revenue. Finding that right balance between sales and service balance. As you know, most service people hate, loathe, despise sales! That is their worst nightmare -- having to sell. So, Brennen and I had to have a mindshift about sales and service. That mindshift is training your service department on how to “help” your clients. Not sell them more stuff but let them know all of the other products or services you have that can truly help them.When everyone in your agency sees the value of your agency, it is truly a game-changer. Everyone is working as a team to help your clients any way they can. NOT selling something they do not need -- helping them@!

Seriously, one of my favorite people!

Seriously, one of my favorite people, Brennen Bliss! He is a rock star - true success story and what he has learned - he wants to share with anyone interested. Listen to his great story and his great resource of knowledge!

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