[PODCAST] – Clate Mask – Earth Shattering Shift in Digital Demand – Learn How to Become The Hero for Your Clients and Your Bank Account!

Have You noticed? there has been a major sociological shift around digital! It is now being seen as the solution to keeping businesses open! Learn how to ride this shift! 

Clate Mask, CEO and founder of Infusionsoft, has been educating and inspiring entrepreneurs for over a decade, and is recognized by the small business community as a visionary leader. His passion for small business success stems from his personal experience taking Infusionsoft from a struggling startup to an eight-time Inc. 500/5000 winner. As CEO, Clate is leading Infusionsoft on its mission to simplify growth for millions of small businesses worldwide. he is a must listen too kind of guy!!

In this episode, Clate and I discuss this major shift and how you can leverage this to become the business hero for your clients and create raving fans with extremely high profit margins, utilizing automation and of course, my productization pricing model.

Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Limiting Beliefs - We discussed fear around automation
  • Change Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone
  • How to leverage automation and productization
  • Build it once and sell it a thousand times
  • The third phase that's about to happen!
  • trying to build a successful business and have a life

the three big topics:

#1 Limiting Beliefs - We discuss fear around automation and how business owners have been slow to adopt digital automation and cloud-based solutions to improve their business operations.

#2 Change Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone - The fear from pragmatic or conservative business owners just lifted. Regardless of age, digital is now seen as a "Business Saving" technology of which is a sociological shift in the entire industry, similar to the online banking analogy.

#3 How to leverage automation and productization to be the hero for your clients and your bank accounts. Build it once and sell it a thousand times, for example you can build out a few campaigns that serve a specific niche and sell them to different providers across the globe.

Limiting Beliefs - Can Hurt You and Your Business - Get Out Of Your Own Head.

A lot of entrepreneurs have a little bit of a block sometimes around getting into technology and putting automation in place. Sometimes that's because they want to make sure they have a personal touch in their business. Clate and I understand that - but you do not have to lose the personal touch with automation. What is happening right now is absolutely adjusting the sociology that is behind automation and technology. People are recognizing, I've have to do more online, I've have to put automation in place. 

That pain point is definitely here now. There is not a CEO on the planet, in my opinion, worth their salt  that's not looking at this aggressively. That's not looking at a way to mitigate that potential loss going forward.  Everybody is looking at their business with new lenses. Everybody recognizes that things are different. 

Consumers are becoming very comfortable with accessing services online and providers of those services are going to recognize, "Wow, this is way more efficient for us to do it this way". Learn how to be a part of this mindshift.

Change Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

The comfort zone is changing  in a big way. Clate said it perfectly. He said, "You know, My client will pay his CPA to do all these things and it's no big deal. It's just accepting that you have a CPA in your business. It's a cost of doing business, but they nit pic my Marketing Agency on every penny". That is changing now. Businesses are starting to see Marketing Agencies as important as their CPA or Attorney. Realizing that Marketing is crucial and that it is way out of their comfort zone being able to keep up with all that it takes to actual market and stay competitive. People are changing and getting out of their comfort zones and that is great for our industry. Clate breaks it down how to help your clients get out of their comfort zone.

How to leverage automation and productization.

How to be the hero for your clients and your bank accounts. Clate talks about build it once instead pf 1000 times and then you can build out a few campaigns that service a specific niche and sell them to different providers across the globe. Infusionsoft and Keap have what's called a partner additional. It is kind of a behind the scenes thing and unless you're a partner you would never know this. It is having the right partners, and the ability to kind of productize things utilizing automation, and the CRMs the hub. It's going to make you the hero for your clients'. It's all about marketing agencies creating their specialization, creating their specialty, specializing in a particular niche or particular geography area and then create something that's going to appeal to more than one client. When good agencies start to do this, they start to have tools in their tool belt, you know, tool-kits, and they don't have to recreate everything from scratch.
Now you can literally build out using our campaign builder in our partner edition, you can build out a an automated program, an automated process campaign where you provide that to a client and you can literally click a button and replicate it and then go in and make a few adjustments for the next client. And this is where you start to get some great profit because you know you now are in the business of not having just services, but you now have to productize that service and turn it into something where 90% of it is reusable. In some cases, it's 100%.

two ways we typically see our partners grow their agencies

One is that they charge higher prices and therefore tend to start to serve bigger clients. The other way is they get specialized in an industry or in a niche, and they begin to productize. What I've found is you can you can build a successful agency both ways, but the latter is a far more sustainable, enjoyable, longer term opportunity. Lean in there, get some help like that productize and figure out a way to really kind of niche yourself out, but get ready because the ones who reload are the ones who are prepared to grow! 

The Third Phase About to Happen!

No one knows for sure  when this next phase or digital gold rush is going to happen, but Clate and I both definitely agree, it is going to happen and now is the time to reLoad and be prepared. It's going to depend on each local community as they start to kind of feel comfortable and coming out. And this is global, this is going to be a global Gold Rush, not just an individual. Global all going to be leaning into Cloud based technology, the more you can productize now, the more you think about it, like right now, the more successful you're going to be over the next 10, 15, 20 years. But knowing how to automate and productize is going to be a game changer for out industry.

trying to build a successful business and have a life

Clate has tremendous empathy for the entrepreneur who's trying to build a successful business and have a life. He has dealt with hundreds of thousands of businesses and spoken to probably millions at this point. And he knows the challenges. We get into business, we want freedom. And the reality is as soon as we start to get customers and start to have employees Freedom is so elusive. Entrepreneurs who do this who have the grit and the ambition to go make it work. The challenge is it always seems like it's a trade off between the time that I have and the dollars that I need or want doing certain things with my life and my family.  

That trade off between time and money is the tension that exists for entrepreneurs, it's always there. Automation is the game changer for entrepreneurs. It's what enables them to have freedom and have a good business and a good life. You don't have to trade hours for dollars when you put automation in place. Whether it's for the marketing agencies, the partners we work with, or whether it's the clients that we all serve, all of us want a successful business and a successful life. We want to have that freedom. That is why automation is so powerful because it makes it possible. Whereas without it, you always find yourself in the hours versus time dilemma, or hours versus dollars dilemma.

Simple to Complex - What Do You Need?

Clate talks about their amazing lines and processes - where you can have something as simple as the Keap growth product, which is a basic email marketing with a little bit of automation or the Keap Pro that has the campaign builder. You can add the bells and whistles like Infusionsoft but also has a really good and simple interface. 
Or you can go all the way to Infusionsoft and have all of the capabilities, all of the powerful sales and marketing automation. They have a product line now, that really gives partners the ability to serve their clients effectively at any level.

Mission Driven Company! Hear His Mission!

Clate talks about having a community of partners. If you have ever been to one of their events, then you know, you're in for a really cool experience. They are passionate and there for entrepreneurs!

Getting to know this amazing community will blow your mind. And the reason they have such great products and community is because they have a vision and a purpose for this company. Their  mission to simplify growth for million to small businesses by the year 2030. Clate has a heart to serve and the passion to make sure you are successful!

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