[PODCAST] – Jeff Bullas – One of The Top Influencers of The Day Talks About His Journey and Top Three Tips for Agency Owners

If you want to be happy, don't chase money, chase relationships. 

Jeff Bullas, one of the top influencers on the planet talks about his journey and the top three things he would advise agency owners they must do regarding social Media. Not only is he ranked as one of the top 20 influences, he is also a wealth of knowledge according to Forbes and many other major publications.

in this episode, we go down a road of hardship and failure to success and happiness. We discuss personal hygiene like shaving every day and do you brush your teeth? Trust me, you are going to love hearing Jeff’s journey, from his failures to successes. I highly advise you to go check out Jeff bullas.com after listening to this podcast and check out just some of his amazing resources.

Jeff talks about the Tall Poppy Syndrome in Australia. This syndrome is very real and it is where in Australia they do not talk about themselves very much because in Australia if you talk about yourself too much it's called bragging - but in the United States - It's called marketing.  Jeff talks about himself and his journey through stories and real-life experiences - the Australia way:) 

Takeaways From This Episode:

  • You don't learn from comfort. You learn from discomfort.
  • hear his top three things regarding social media.
  • finding his passion
  • Done is better than perfect and Don't over complicate things

You Don't Learn From Comfort. You Learn From Discomfort.

Shortly after Jeff turned 50 he started to figure out what his purpose. It took him a long time to discover why he was on this planet and it was during one of the most difficult, uncomfortable times of his life. In the middle of a divorce, he lost his family home, had to close down his business and essentially was homeless. He had to move in with his brother and that was when his eyes were opened to how he needed to change his life.

In 2008,during his phase of discomfort - he found his passion - the digital world. When social media was the Wild West, he first joined Twitter and in time started working at a digital agency helping build online stores. He would wake up at 4:30 in the morning and write content and realized he was really good at it. Hear his story about the traffic starting to grow and within a few years,he reached 5 million visitors a year and had nearly 600,000 followers on Twitter! He has mastered content creation to attract an audience.

Jeff was doing all the writing, doing all the work and knew he needed a way to actually scale his work.He put in place systems and processes so he could create content at scale. That's what he and his team are doing now.He realized his passionate purpose is to actually try and help people get their voice out to the world. What he loves about social media is it allows you to bypass the gatekeepers, the media moguls.

Hear His Top Three Things Regarding Social Media.

Jeff listed three questions he wanted to be asked. Do you shave every day, Should you use a toothbrush every day and What is a secret that not many people know about you? Gotta hear his answers. After those answers then hear his top three things regarding social media.

  1. Learn to use very good digital advertising that's paid, don't expect it to be organic. 
  2. Test different platforms. Don't assume that what you are running is going to work for you. He says sometimes they test up to 72 different formats of an ad.
  3. And, do not just test the ads also test the platforms.

Done Is Better Than Perfect And Don't Over Complicate Things.

I asked Jeff, if anyone is looking to start in the content world, what are a couple pointers on creating content at scale would you give them? He gave advice coming from someone who's been doing it for a long time, at a very, very high level. It is good stuff starting with how he decided to get other people to write for him and how you have the ability to take content and turn it into a variety of media. Don't over complicate things. If you want to start creating content,just keep it simple. Get started with the left foot in front of the right foot. Do it again the next day and you'll see success.

Shameless Plug Moment 

Check out the Jeff Bullas show. It is an evolution of his blog and website, taking it to a whole new level. They interview some of the most fascinating entrepreneurs from all around the world, especially those that are focusing on the digital space. What he just loves the most about what he is doing are the conversations. One of the great things about podcasts is that when you sit down with someone for 30 to 40 minutes and have a conversation, a fireside chat, you build relationships. And guess what?  If you want to be happy, don't chase money, chase relationships. So that is why he calls this his happiness project.

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