[PODCAST] Joe Fier – How Bolt On Marketing Creates Mailbox Money for Your Agency!

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Bolt On Marketing Creates Mailbox Money for Your Agency! Who doesn't want mailbox money? Listen to Joe and learn how to build relationships, community and bring in the money.

Joe Fier, the co-founder of Evergreen Profits, is a seasoned marketer and applies most of his experience helping business owners grow through fan-building and creative ways to monetize. Through his podcast, Hustle & Flowchart, DIY training programs, coaching, and events, Joe and his team deliver extremely actionable strategies for growing your business and improving your life (with tons of laughs throughout!) Joe nerds out on great conversations with others around podcasting, marketing, business strategy, and how to make the most of the time we’ve got!

In this episode, find out how agency owners can use podcasting to bring in their best client talent all the way across the board. How do they share? How can an agency best use podcasting to make their lives better?

Takeaways From This Episode:

  • In a podcast, it is just you and them.
  • Learning how to get the most out of a Podcast.
  • Don’t be afraid of affiliate revenue - use it!
  • Grow a community of fans 
  • If you don't have a Facebook group, get one.
  • Things are changing and community is as important as ever.

In a podcast, it is just you and them.


When someone's listening to your podcast, it's just you and them; it is you and the earbuds, air pods or whatever way they are listening to you. People are not typically sitting around with 10 other people in a room listening to a podcast - so it is kind of like you are having a one on one conversation with your listener. They start to feel like they know you personally which can build trust and more followers. The more episodes, the more they learn who you are and what you are about.

Another bonus is ...a podcast can allow you to schedule one day a month to record six podcasts, like I did this day, and then you have a month long content all buttoned up, ready to rock and roll search engines. Learn how to use YouTube, Vimeo, transcriptions, blogs and much more! 

Think about re-purposing all the content all over the web. All you're doing is just landing in the places where the people are located. You're trying to meet them where they are and then bring them into your little ecosystem! Let's imagine you have customers already, think about talking to your customers on a consistent basis, maybe once a week, these people are gonna like you even more, hopefully.

They are making a commitment to your brand and your offers. You already have them on retainer to up-sell them into something else higher ticket, whatever it might be. It's a retention tool now. So think about it as a retention not just as a sales generator. 

Podcasts are one of the most valuable tools but you have to use it wisely. 

You will need a promo calendar to map out the content. Don't just arbitrarily throw something out to see if it will stick. You get a great primer base, you drop it, people download it and then you will get a, “Hey, can we talk about this?”. Over the next two years or 10 years old - Another 500 downloads -  another 40 people. So that's how it works. It's an outstanding way to build clients and a great into referral partners.

And ...With affiliates and the referral partners you do not have to stress over content! It takes a lot of the weight off. That's right, I don’t create content! They do! Why would I, I mean it would take me hours to come up with a custom content all the time. Use your affiliates and referral partners. It is a win-win-win for you,them and your base. Listen to how it is done!

Don’t Be Afraid Of Affiliate Revenue - Use It!

Joe talks about the bulk of their business, about 80%, comes from affiliate revenue. 
Many agency owners that Joe has chatted with have not even thought about affiliate marketing and most are not even open to the concept. They are afraid to think about the bolt-ons to their existing offers. The biggest objection is people are scared. Thinking that by giving away their customers to some other person, they're just gonna go away. But, it is actually the opposite effect. Think about it like a party or something. If you're connecting someone at a party with another friend of yours, they're gonna remember you. It is a way of connecting more deeply.
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Grow a community of fans.

How can I grow a community of fans that will recommend them to their best potential customers? We are all about building fans. Fans are different from a transnational subscriber, you know, someone just liking your Facebook page or something like that. It's cool and good for building followers, but you want to get fans. People that are fully engaging and reaching out. These people and of course buyers are the best.

If you don't have a Facebook group, get one.

Everyone has heard about Facebook groups. Well, if you don't have a Facebook group, get one. You want to build a community. Emails, YouTube, Podcast all work together to help you build a community -- it is all about the community! And one of the funny things about Facebook is people will opt in to give you their personal info more easily. Emails I can get a 3.4% opt in but with Facebook, I can get 50-60% opt in!! Facebook offers livestream - people love that! So many options and ideas with a Facebook group.Hear why and how to build your community:)

shameless plug moment

The Hustle and Flowchart Podcast and Facebook Group are amazing communities! Listen to shows twice a week for an hour long. It's a doozie and they are the crazy kind of people bringing on right now.

The world's changed as you know; it's always gonna be different from this point on in some fashion, but I know community ain't going away. More than ever community and engaging with people like a human podcasting is huge. Grow that community! Listen to Joe and Lee to see how branding and relationships is going to pay off!

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